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Over 10 years ago, we set out to develop innovative technology with the potential to overcome global challenges. Our ultimate goal is to make our world more livable and improve peoples’ quality of life. From digital mining to solar-powered devices and cyber security: thanks to our focus on cutting-edge research and development, Worldsensing has grown into a global player with employees from over 20 countries.

It is our mission to keep people safe by providing customers, partners and our ecosystem with technology that empowers them to anticipate events and make smarter decisions to prevent disasters. To achieve this and to stay in touch with latest trends and technological developments, we are part of several publicly funded research projects which are conducted in close collaboration with academia and European partners.

As a leading IoT company which is constantly focused on creating disruptive technology, Worldsensing has been recognized as an innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Innovative SME 02/11/2024

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