Project Type Smart Mobility

Project Status Completed

Total project cost 3,427,719 £

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oneTRANSPORT: A oneM2M-based Open Ecosystem for Nationwide Transport Integration

OneTRANSPORT project aims to enable multimodal transport information, such as live information about rail delays, traffic jams, or disruption to be easily published by data owners (e.g. transport authorities and third parties) through personalized services. Once published, this data can be accessed by transport authorities, application developers and others to develop new services to create better journeys for passengers. This will bring about improved travel experiences for customers and generate new revenues for local authorities on a truly nationwide basis. Further benefits will include reduced vehicle emissions, fuel usage and traveller frustration through decreased congestion and avoidance of unnecessary journeys. Ultimately, by delivering a better transport experience for users and a better digital built environment for everyone affected by transport networks.

This project has received funding from the InnovativeUK programme.