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Adding IoT remote to your monitoring portfolio.

Your offerings are key to monitoring assets in harsh and hard-to-access environments. Our mission is to provide you with the most agnostic and flexible technology which can easily integrate within your product offers so you can focus on what matters the most: selling innovative solutions.

"The cooperation with Worldsensing is a good solution for several applications. A smooth integration means Worldsensing’s engineers work closely with us to understand our technical requirements and specifications, so the Worldsensing platform can offer our customers the highest levels of compatibility and interaction with our sensors and systems."
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Vincenzo Caci Sales director - Sisgeo

Selected partners

We work with world leading companies which have been providing instrumentation & monitoring technology for decades to future proof their offering by adding IoT to their portfolio.


EJtech specializes in monitoring the behavior of structures and soft ground such as subways, bridges, [...]

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Multiwireless is a premier industrial telecommunications distributor, specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions primarily in the [...]

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Aimil has been at the forefront of instrumentation industry in India, providing the state-of-the-art instruments [...]

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PT Sistem Solusi Geospasial

Sistem Solusi Geospasial (SSG) has been providing the best solution for real-time geotechnical monitoring in [...]

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Specto Technology distributes world-class instrumentation monitoring systems for the geotechnical, structural & environmental monitoring industries. [...]

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Sisgeo is an Italian foremost company in the development and production of a comprehensive range [...]

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Durham Geo Slope Indicator (DGSI) provides high-quality measurement instruments for some of the world’s most [...]

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Geosense Ltd is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety monitoring instrumentation to [...]

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MDT Solutions

MDT Solutions is a geotechnical and hydrological data systems integrator, working with mining and civil [...]

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Trimble is transforming industries in 150 countries through scalable and customizable technologies in positioning, modeling, [...]

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GKM Consultants

GKM Consultants is at the forefront of creating custom IoT-enabled geotechnical monitoring programs. GKM is [...]

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