Project Type Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities

Project Status Ongoing

Total project cost 2,501,124 €

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Securing tailings dam infrastructure with an innovative monitoring system

Securing mine sites is a challenging task due to the complexity of the infrastructure, the variety of physical and digital components, the distribution of assets and machineries and the large number of stakeholders involved. In recent years, mining operators have adopted digital components but still use archaic/manual processes to collect and process the data, thus making the protection of the mining critical assets a costly and highly complex problem. In this context, one of the most sensitive physical assets to be secured to guarantee mines infrastructure safety is Tailings Storage Facilities. 

SEC4TD proposes an integrated end-to-end (E2E) solution composed of three hardware and software innovative products for mining operators and service providers that will enable multi-scale multi-platform data collection and visualization, events prediction, effective information management and data traceability. 

The aim of SEC4TD is to implement an evolutive monitoring and responsive risk management system for TSFs based on the combination of 3 products: more accurate Internet of Things technology, automatic mathematical model calculation to continually monitor the structural/geotechnical aspects of TSF and a portfolio of innovative applications to support the decision-making. 

SEC4TD will connect the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL world to take advantage of the recent digital innovations to support safety and sustainability concepts for tailings dam monitoring.

Worldsensing role

Worldsensing is SEC4TD coordinator and business champion. Worldsensing will also lead the development of the SEC4TD products, especially IoT devices and risk management applications, and all the commercialization activities with the support of the SEC4TD industrial partners. Worldsensing main responsibilities in SEC4TD include: 

→  Project coordination

→  IoT technology

→  Go-to Market strategy

→  Business Champion


SEC4TD (Securing tailings dam infrastructure with an innovative monitoring system) is a European project funded by the EIT Raw Materials, an initiative of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union.