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Joining forces with best-of-breed technology providers.

Integrated with the most advanced technology in the industry, we provide complete solutions to improve monitoring processes which in turn decrease costs and increase safety.

"Our monitoring customers work with geotechnical sensors to automate movement detection for critical infrastructure and mining projects on a daily basis. Through our collaboration with Worldsensing, we are making it easier for them to access the full range of geospatial and geotechnical solutions from a single source, resulting in faster and easier deployment and the opportunity to address a wider range of projects."
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Boris Skopljak Marketing Director of Monitoring and Tunneling, Trimble Geospatial

Selected partners

From innovative sensors to visualization and analytics tools, our alliance partners master fields related to our technology portfolio to complement the Worldsensing offer.

Preferred Partners

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to [...]

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Sensor partners

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Sisgeo is an Italian foremost company in the development and production of a comprehensive range [...]

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Durham Geo Slope Indicator (DGSI) provides high-quality measurement instruments for some of the world’s most [...]

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Geosense Ltd is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety monitoring instrumentation to [...]

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In-Situ designs and manufactures industry-leading environmental and process water monitoring and measurement technologies. Customers worldwide [...]

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GEOKON is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of structural and geotechnical instrumentation for [...]

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Measurand designs and manufactures ShapeArray, which is used to monitor the deformation of soil and [...]

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Soil Instruments

Soil Instruments Ltd strives to continuously develop ground breaking innovative geotechnical and structural instrumentation products, [...]

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MDT Solutions

MDT Solutions is a geotechnical and hydrological data systems integrator, working with mining and civil [...]

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Europe's leading manufacturer of piezoresistive pressure / level sensors and transmitters. Data loggers, digital pressure [...]

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Pizzi Instruments

Pizzi Instruments is an Italian leading company that designs and manufactures precision instruments and systems [...]

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RST Instruments

RST Instruments’ fully integrated suite of geotechnical monitoring sensors gives our clients the reliable, real-time [...]

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Vaisala’s observation technologies, instruments and solutions lay the foundation for you to improve measurement of [...]

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Osprey Measurement Systems

Osprey Measurement Systems bring innovative solutions to the geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring market. In collaboration [...]

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YieldPoint is a small highly specialized global company in Ontario, Canada. We design and manufacture [...]

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Encardio-rite supplies robust highest quality instrumentation for safety monitoring. With our office across the [...]

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Aqualabo, created in 2008, is the first French manufacturer of reagents and equipments for analysis [...]

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Roctest logo


Roctest is a world leading developer and manufacturer of sensing technologies for civil engineering and [...]

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ElastiSense offer uniquely designed sensors for Structural and Geotechnical Monitoring. Being waterproof and tolerant to misalignments, [...]

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System / Visualization partners


Most infrastructure throughout Mexico is structurally unsafe. Excavations, dams, bridges, tunnels and mines in poor [...]

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Trimble logo


Trimble is transforming industries in 150 countries through scalable and customizable technologies in positioning, modeling, [...]

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The Geomotion Group, with offices across the APAC, is a global leader in new technologies [...]

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IDS georadar logo

IDS GeoRadar

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, provides products and solutions, based on radar technology, for mining, [...]

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Insight Terra

Insight Terra is a global leader in helping its clients manage their critical environmental and [...]

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Nanometrics has become a market leader in turnkey seismic monitoring for the energy production sector. [...]

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OREN logo


Shell and IBM have combined strengths to create the Oren Marketplace, the first-ever B2B digital [...]

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Saalg geomechanics logo

SAALG Geomechanics

SAALG Geomechanics is an engineering firm specialized in advanced numerical simulations, with an in-house developed [...]

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Settop logo


Settop specializes in the development of geopositioning technologies, customized monitoring solutions for surveying, turn-key hardware [...]

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The Hardware Agnostic IoT Platform. thethings.iO is working with dozens of different processors, technologies and [...]

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IntellTech is a supplier of two integrated, analytical and intelligent WEB-Mobile systems referred to as [...]

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Sixense logo

Sixense / Beyond Monitoring

SIXENSE 's mission is to help designers, builders, contracting authorities and operators to optimise the [...]

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The 3GEO Group is a Brazilian leader in instrumentation, geotechnical monitoring, and NORM, with over [...]

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Tetra Tech South American is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services and Worldsensing [...]

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