Project Type 5G connectivity for railway monitoring

Project Status Ongoing

Total project cost 7 447 658,75 €

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Integrating 5G enabling technologies in a holistic service to physical layer 5G system platform

The necessity of an enabling 5G infrastructure is of paramount importance for maintaining the market penetration momentum of 5G, generating in turn the functional requirements for meeting the expected 5G key performance indicators and therefore supporting the creation and growth of truly innovative vertical markets.

Within this highly demanding environment, Int5Gent aims to deploy a holistic 5G system platform for the validation of advanced 5G services and IoT solutions.

The project builds upon a suite of innovative 5G technological solutions spanning hardware, software, and networking systems that have been conceptualized and developed under the latest 5GPPP initiative projects. 

It also combines novel and state-of-the-art solutions able to further upgrade the capabilities and maturity level of cutting-edge 5G core technologies enabling the creation of an innovative 5G ecosystem. 

The overall platform is implemented in two extended testbeds which include actual field deployed segments and managed by the network operators of the consortium. The validation and showcasing testbeds host 3 use case scenarios covering the deployment of services related to multiple vertical sectors as well as innovative applications for smart IoT networked devices, in particular: 

– Monitoring, maintenance and security services for critical infrastructures (physical railway infrastructure)

– High capacity connectivity video streaming IoT devices (security)

– Public Protection and Disaster Relief

The use cases are designed in order to highlight the benefits of the adopted technologies in terms of increased bandwidth, low latency and high reliability and create new market opportunities.

Worldsensing role

Worldsensing will develop R&D activities on 5G technologies for Railway Applications in the Int5Gent project. In particular, Worldsensing will explore the feasibility of upgrading Loadsensing IoT nodes to 5G connectivity to improve Railway applications for track, tunneling and bridge monitoring specific Use Cases. Int5Gent will develop the latest evolution on 5G network delivery and orchestration, offering Loadsensing the opportunity to upgrade its communication to the 5G ecosystem.
Worldsensing will also deliver edge processing nodes to monitor the rail infrastructure of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalan local railway operator, at the 5G testbed in Barcelona. The deployment of Loadsensing with increased processing and communication capabilities will support the validation of the use case

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 957403.