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IoT Monitoring in Large Scale Projects – An interview with Sam Buckley by Railway News


The devices are embedded in the surface of the concrete blocks.

Smart tunnel linings: Everything you need to know


The devices are embedded in the surface of the concrete blocks.

5 keys to success in underground monitoring of mines


“In large mesh networks, you will end up needing more gateways, resulting in more maintenance.”

Geotech leaders: Dots Oyenuga of ASC and his lifetime in tunneling


We’re pushing the envelope and coming up with new applications for technologies—and it’s been a lot of fun.

Geotech leaders: Kim Malcolm of Geomotion; “I started in my garage”


I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in Australia. We have become number one, from being a one-man band.

Smart tunnelling


“The only cables are going to be connecting a sensor with a logger, so externally … there’s no cable.”

IoT remote monitoring of open-pit mines: all your queries answered


Open a deep enough hole and pretty much anywhere you’re going to have water trying to infiltrate

IoT remote monitoring of open-pit mines

“Considering the dimensions [of mines], the advantages are clear of using a low-power, wide-area network.”

Sensors for safety

A landslide that derailed a train triggers a new approach to safety as a Spanish start-up remote monitoring systems aim to save lives and adapt to climate change

Rock cliff monitoring using remote IoT technology: your queries answered

Critical Infrastructure

The key is to come to us if you have any kind of request and we will help you out.

Rock cliff monitoring using remote IoT technology solutions by Worldsensing

Critical Infrastructure

“You can make private deployments without any prior authorization or paying a fee to use the radio frequency”

How IoT-based solutions address rail system monitoring challenges


“We have monitoring needs that are mainly related to ensuring the track stability and geometry of tracks.”


How monitoring can help make tailings dams safer

This ebook, written by our mining and IoT experts, will help you understand the new challenges and solutions in tailings dam monitoring.