Compliance & Corporate Responsibility

At Worldsensing we aspire, as part of our vision, to improve the world we live in through technology. We strive to be a trusted leader in this shift towards safer, more efficient and sustainable operations.

To make this vision a reality and maintain the trust of our clients and employees, we are committed to preserving an internal culture of integrity, transparency and compliance throughout the workforce.

Our Compliance area provides a framework of ideas, rules and principles that guide business activities for the proper functioning of the company. All principles set by Compliance drive the intent of all Worldsensing employees to work together for a shared purpose: to achieve sustained and sustainable growth while respecting our values of excellence, responsibility, ambition with commitment, innovation, honesty and teamwork.

Code of Ethics 

Our Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of Worldsensing to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of activity, establishing a set of principles and guidelines of conduct aimed at guaranteeing the ethical and responsible behavior of the company’s staff and its collaborators in the performance of their work.

Read the Worldsensing Code of Ethics here (PDF).

Company Policies

Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy

Code of Ethics for Suppliers

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Criminal and Regulatory Compliance Policy

Environmental Policy

Policy on the internal regulation of Whistleblowing system

Quality and Security Policy