Use alert monitoring with 30 minute intervals to detect anomalies.

Perform preventive maintenance safely and cost-effectively to extend the life cycle of the infra/supra infrastructure and avoid unexpected service interruptions through programmatic interventions.

Challenges you are probably faced with

You need to closely monitor multiple parameters, such as rail temperature, in near real-time, on a massive and dynamic structure with a network of thousands of heterogeneous devices.

You need to perform long-range monitoring without antennas, hazards or constraints on the track devices.

You need to monitor long rail tracks covering remote distances.

You need to manage the impact of changing environmental and weather conditions (i.e. vegetation that may affect line of sight, rain, dust etc.).

You work with remote power sources for monitoring equipment.

You need to conduct costly and operationally disruptive track maintenance that requires manpower.

Debris and equipment on the tracks may be easily damaged or cause interference or accidents.

Your solution: Automated IoT-based monitoring

Loadsensing, our industrial monitoring solution, allows rail operators to implement remote data-collection and real-time monitoring.

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Application areas for remote IoT monitoring

Track stability & geometry

Cant or the measurement of the difference in elevation between the outer rail and the inner rail.
Track twist which may be used to describe cant gradient, expressed as a percentage of cant change per length unit.
Vertical alignment or the surface uniformity on the vertical plane.

Surroundings stability

Embankment slippage
Retaining wall inclination (and cracks)
Tunnel convergence
Rock fall

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IoT remote monitoring in rail

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Success story

Tunnel construction monitoring for the U5 metro line extension in Germany

Geodetic and geotechnical monitoring with Loadsensing data nodes and gateways helped manage construction-related risks for a metro line extension project in Frankfurt city center.

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The nation that invented the steam engine is about to get back on track in terms of rail development. And digital technologies could help put the UK at the forefront of rail innovation as the country prepares for one of its biggest infrastructure investments of recent years.


Interest in IoT remote monitoring technology grows among Europe’s leading rail operators

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