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Vibration Meter


Introducing Loadsensing Vibration Meter, a cost-effective, wireless sensor designed to monitor vibration levels in near real time. The Vibration Meter can assess vibrational behavior according to various different parameters that are relevant to comply with local and global regulatory standards. Incorporate the Loadsensing Vibration Meter into your monitoring system and provide an end-to-end tool needed to ensure structural and health considerations are met.



The LaserTilt90 can be used to measure and monitor settlement from a reference point or to infer vertical settlement at the tunnel crown, tunnel and mining convergence, bearing and expansion joint movements, displacement in structures and buildings, deformations in underground excavations, slope movements, fracture and faults surveillance.



The Tilt90-x may be used to monitor bridge and other civil infrastructure, embankments, building response to tunneling and excavation-induced ground movements, foundations and deep excavations, landslide-prone areas and slope stability.



The Tilt90-i is ideal for applications such as railway tracks where it's important to minimize the risk of damaging the device antenna.

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