We work to create a safer world

Monitoring what matters

Lives are at stake when large-scale civil infrastructures fail us. Investing in remote monitoring pays off. It is estimated that every dollar dedicated to making infrastructure more resilient generates $4 of economic value.

We have a global footprint in supporting the most complex civil infrastructure projects.

Our philosophy

To ensure the quality of life for decades to come, solutions are needed today.

Most civil infrastructures across the globe are structurally unsound. Low-maintained dams, bridges, tunnels and mines pose a risk to our lives.

While climate change increases the frequency and intensity of natural hazards, many civil infrastructures are not robust enough to deal with increasingly severe, violent or unpredictable weather. At the same time, efforts to protect society from the growing frequency and severity of infrastructure failures are lagging.

At Worldsensing, we monitor large-scale civil infrastructure to help prevent life-threatening incidents. With the ambition to leave a mark for future generations and to positively influence human progress, it is our purpose to use our IoT expertise to create a more resilient world.

The global IoT pioneer

We are the front-runner in IoT remote monitoring.

Our technology is used across

mining, construction, rail and structural health

to monitor how geotechnical, geospatial and structural conditions impact civil infrastructure to prevent life-threatening incidents.

We serve engineering customers in more than 60 countries with a network of global partners across all continents to build a more (climate) resilient world.

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Designed in Barcelona. Made for the world.

Our expertise

Large-scale civil infrastructure monitoring

Edge computing

Wireless networks

Low-power technology

Predictive analytics

Geotechnical monitoring

Structural monitoring


2008 Worldsensing


2010 Smart Cities

Fastprk launch and awards.

2011 Smart Cities

Named 'company to watch' by BBC and WSJ

2012 Smart Cities

International expansion: Europe, Asia, Latin America.

2013 Smart Cities

Worldwide growth and €1.8 million in venture capital investment.

2014 Smart Cities

Bitcarrier acquired.

2015 Smart Cities

Investment by Cisco, Mitsui, Kibo and Endeavor.

2016 Industrial IoT

Commercial, international Loadsensing launch.

2017 Industrial IoT

Series B investment round.

2018 Industrial IoT

Loadsensing established as global leader in wireless monitoring.

2019 Smart Cities

OneMind business unit created.

2020 Smart Cities

Spin-outs: Fastprk, Bitcarrier, OneMind.

2020 Industrial IoT

Focus on Loadsensing core business.

Our history at a glance

The thirst for innovation has been part of our DNA from the start.

Over the years, we have developed industrial IoT technology for a variety of industries and applications. Some of our products turned into spin-outs and have found a new home at other companies.

Today, we are focused on our key expertise and core business: making critical infrastructure more resilient with the leading platform for IoT remote monitoring, Loadsensing.

Worldsensing Team

Executive team

Ignasi Vilajosana

Executive President

Ignasi holds a PhD in Physics and has received business training from Harvard Business School [...]


David Deprez

Managing Director

David Deprez has over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and advisor of fast-growing companies. [...]


Francesc Domingo


Over the last decade, Francesc has been focusing on transforming businesses and cities with advanced [...]


Worldsensing benefits from the support of an advisory board with exceptional experience


Remy de Tonnac

Remy de Tonnac, Partner at ETF Partners

Remy de Tonnac joined ETF in 2016. Board Member at Worldsensing, Flyability and Vulog. CEO [...]


Scott MacDonald

Co-founder and Managing Partner, McRock Capital

Scott MacDonald is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of McRock Capital, a venture capital firm [...]


Juan López Santamaria

Investment Manager, Kibo Ventures

Juan has extensive experience in the world of technology, working as a Project manager and [...]


Samuel Gil

Boards of Directors

Samuel has more than 10 years of international experience in the areas of investment management [...]


Jordi Llosa

Worldsensing Co-founder and CEO, Cobugs

Jordi holds a Masters in Computer Science and is the author of several high impact [...]


Mischa Dohler

Worldsensing Co-founder

Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, Head of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, [...]


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