Get access to monitoring data, even in the most complex underground mining environments


Need to take on deeper, high risk underground monitoring projects?

Track the geotechnical risks of your mining operations with a reliable and secure data flow from sensors to your information systems.

Obtain reliable data for risk management decisions

Provide mines with a safe, reliable monitoring solution needed to take on high risk mining operations.

Get 5x more network coverage than comparable wireless solutions

Simplify your monitoring operations. Extend your data flow more than 10 km underground under a single network. Reliably obtain data from your existing geotechnical instrumentation.

Minimize maintenance tasks

Up to 10 years of unattended operations with low-consumption, wireless devices. Wireless means that there is no susceptible cabling to fix in case of accidental cable breaks.


Work with the global leader in IoT remote monitoring

Wireless IoT Devices

Deploy robust, low-maintenance devices with up to 10 years of unattended operations.

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Lora Tree - The Multihop Network

Leverage the power of 5x more network coverage than other wireless solutions in the market. Tree network topology supports seamless communications inside complex mine topographies.

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Connectivity Management Tool

Manage your network deployment from a single software platform, from network to node configuration.

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3rd Party Integrations

Enjoy the interoperability between CMT and your information systems through standard software communication protocols.

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Application areas

Discover how you can leverage IoT remote montoring in your undergorund projects

Ground Stability

Keep a close eye on the stress and strain of drive walls in the production phase by continuously monitoring vertical movements and tunnel convergence.
Streamline data from all your sensors using LoRa Tree network technology to overcome common underground obstacles.

Streamline data from all your sensors using Lora Tree network topology to overcome common underground challenges.

Ground Movements

  • Securely connect several extensometers (MPBX) using wireless digital data loggers to stream sensor data.
  • Compatibility with all the main geotechnical instrumentation brands.

Convergence Monitoring

  • Leverage the power of Worldsensing’s 3-in-1 LaserTilt90 wireless sensor to monitor convergence across entrance ramps, tunnels and galleries.

Interchamber Pillar Stability

  • Monitor load cells installed in rock pillars to assess buildup pressure due surrounding excavations.

The adoption of Worldsensing technology eliminates the need for cabling, reduces manual monitoring and allows significant savings up to 50% on the acquisition of materials and infrastructure and up to 50% on installation as opposed to other monitoring platforms we have installed in the first excavation phase.”

Leonardo Santana

Geotechnology Technical Leader, Tetra Tech

Structural health of supporting systems

Maintain the structural health of supporting systems through load and ground movement monitoring. Leverage the long-range capabilities of LoRa Tree networks to capture reliable data throughout the length of the shaft.

Loads in rock bolts

  • Monitor load in rock bolts by installing load cells connected to a variety of wireless data loggers in places where structures are at risk of falling inward.
  • Worldsensing data loggers work with vibrating wire, analog or digital interfaces.

Ground movements in excavation areas

  • Securely connect several cable bolts using wireless digital data loggers to stream sensor data.
  • Compatible with leading geotechnical instrumentation brands.

Crack monitoring

Monitor the evolution of surface cracks using a crackmeter connected to Worldsensing Piconode data loggers.

"Worldsensing's IoT technology enables wireless, automated collection of sensor data in the mines for a safer and more work-efficient workplace.”

Sudaryono Widodo

Founder and Director, Solusi Monitoring Indonesia

Hydro Engineering

Obtain real-time, reliable data on groundwater levels, pore-pressure and other parameters of your underground project. Leverage the robustness of the Worldsensing solution to connect all your hydro engineering instrumentation.

Water levels

  • Connect a water level sensor and a pressure transmitter to a Worldsensing Wireless Analog data logger.
  • Monitor water levels in dewatering wells and pressure in pipes by transmitting data through a robust low-power network.

Pore water pressure

  • Obtain data wirelessly from your piezometers connecting them to a Worldsensing Vibrating Wire data logger.
  • Leverage the communication range of LoRa Tree networks to stream data from hard to reach locations.

Pum rate

  • Monitor flow meters installed in dewatering wells with Worldsensing’s Wireless Piconode data logger.
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We've had a good relationship with Worldsensing for a number of years and we are one of their early adopters. We've really seen the value in a wireless solution. The Modbus protocol implementation on the gateway allows for seamless integration to existing communication infrastructure. This also isolates access to the data and reduces the impact of network outage in the area.”

Ben Scott

Former Instrumentation Manager at Geomotion Australia

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