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You have massive competences and capacity to support your customers’ monitoring needs. Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable and rugged technology to automate device, data and network management so you can focus on what matters the most: providing creative and valuable services to your clients.

“The adoption of Loadsensing IoT technology eliminates the need for cabling, reduces manual monitoring and allows significant savings up to 30% on the acquisition of materials and infrastructure and up to 40% on installation.”
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Leonardo Santana Geotechnology Technical Leader - Tetra Tech


Our application engineers for mining, construction, rail and structural health management collaborate with consulting and engineering firms around the globe to support them with our industrial IoT expertise.


The Geomotion Group, with offices across the APAC, is a global leader in new technologies [...]

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Geosinergia specializes in Geotechnical and Structural Health Monitoring. Having over 18 years of experience in [...]

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GKM Consultants

GKM Consultants is recognized in more than 20 countries for its expertise in structural behavior [...]

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RAMJACK Technology Solutions is a specialised system integrator dedicated to operations technology for the mining [...]

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SIXENSE's mission is to help designers, builders, contracting authorities and operators to optimise the management [...]

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Tetra Tech South American is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services and Worldsensing [...]

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