Trimble and Worldsensing transform rail monitoring with enhanced T4D software and Tiltmeter integration

Trimble and Worldsensing transform rail monitoring with enhanced T4D software and Tiltmeter integration

Barcelona, December 2023

Understanding and managing rail track geometry is crucial for ensuring the safety of railway traffic, especially in areas facing construction, natural hazards, or ageing infrastructure awaiting renewal. The traditional method of rail monitoring involves time-consuming manual surveys that disrupt traffic flow, pose risks to workers and passengers, and may introduce errors in calculations.


Worldsensing’s Tiltmeter, a key component to the enhanced version of the Trimble® 4D Control™ (T4D) Rail Module

Worldsensing and Trimble joined forces to upgrade the Trimble® 4D Control™ (T4D) software, offering a dynamic solution that meets the rigorous standards of the rail industry in terms of accuracy and efficiency. The integration of Trimble powered by Worldsensing’s Tiltmeter into the T4D Rail module aims to address the challenges associated with rail geometry monitoring.

The T4D software version 6.5 includes an enhanced version of the T4D Rail module, providing automated track monitoring deliverables tailored to diverse project specifications. This enhancement ensures flexibility in monitoring both in the field and the office, eliminating the need for disruptive manual surveys.


Proactive and flexible tiltmeter support for early detection

A notable feature of the T4D Rail module is the incorporation of Tiltmeters, which offer unparalleled flexibility in rail monitoring. These devices provide real-time data on geometry changes, functioning as a proactive easy-to-use monitoring tool in combination with the typical Automatic Total Station. 

The Tiltmeters not only reinforce the accuracy of rail monitoring but also serve as a complete solution in certain projects and scenarios. Their ease of installation and ability to deliver essential data align with project requirements, as highlighted by a Trimble partner who emphasised the value of this approach: “The big value of this approach is the ease of installation and the ability to deliver required data for monitoring the change of the most critical rail parameter: twist.”


To discover more about advanced rail monitoring solutions, watch the tutorials or get in touch with the Worldsensing team.

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