The connectivity management software for all your Worldsensing Monitoring systems

CMT Cloud evolves into a new version allowing you to manage all networks and assets of your Worldsensing monitoring systems, from a single platform, regardless of where they are deployed.


Have total control over your deployed networks and 24/7 data access to assess network performance at all times

Manage all your Worldsensing devices from a single cloud application and stream your data reliably and securely from your sensors to your data visualization tools.


Track the performance of all your networks under a single platform

Are you managing multiple projects, different locations, different networks? CMT Cloud allows you to converge all your Worldsensing LoRaWAN multi-gateway, multi-network deployments and assess their connectivity from a single user interface.

  • Have a common dashboard to quickly asses network performance.
  • Register and un-register nodes and gateways into a particular network.
  • CMT Cloud is compatible with all Worldsensing Edge Devices.


Let your monitoring operations run efficiently and with ease

We have detached device monitoring from network monitoring so your operational team can work directly with gateways, nodes and sensors from a specific user interface.

  • Organize different functional devices into groups, independent of the network they belong to.
  • Operate in batch over a particular group of nodes, changing sampling rates, for example.
  • Allow your teams to efficiently monitor a particular set of assets.


Master your data processing and stream your data to any data visualization tool

A specific module within CMT Cloud allows you to manage all tasks related to data processing and outbound integrations.

  • Configure different engineering units for your sensor data.
  • Simplify your third party integrations with easy to configure MQTT, FTPS and FTP data exports for third party data visualization tools.
  • Dedicated MQTT broker so you minimize your IT efforts when deploying real-time integrations.
  • Have better control over format and frequency of the data sets.


Automate functions based on the data generated by networks and devices.

A flow-based module within CMT Cloud to make more with your data.

  • Set up trigger-based actions for network and device performance.
  • Automate responses to trigger-based alerts (M2M messages).
  • Create workflows for specific batch processes and more.Configure different engineering units for your sensor data.

Field proven integrations

CMT Cloud streaming data for your our data-driven decisions thorugh seamless integrations with leading software providers

Security by design

The core tenets of CMT Cloud security program are to safeguard customer data and to maintain customer trust. 


Keep your data safe and protected from bad actors.

  • Architectural security: CMT Cloud sits behind a web application firewall filtering, monitoring and blocking any malicious http/s traffic.
  • Message validation and verification of the origin and the signature of the messages to prevent data manipulation attacks.
  • Encrypted communications: integrations are all encrypted by default.


Have control over the data you manage by controlling who has access to it.

  • Role Management. Grant or revoke privileges to the users of your CMT Cloud account based on their roles and responsibilities (coming soon).
  • Admin Tools. Have control over what networks and device groups are visible to specific roles and fine-tune your users privileges according to each project need.


We make sure you comply with international standards of data privacy and local regulations.

How it works

Multi-project, multi-tenant, multi-network platform to manage all your deployments

Manage all your networks and devices across all your monitoring projects from a single platform, regardless of where they are deployed around the world

Data Acquisition

Setup your monitoring systems connecting a wide array of geotechnical, structural and environmental sensors to Loadsensing wireless Edge devices.

Core Communications

Deploy redundant networks and easily stream data from from different geographic locations of for different end-users.

Management Software

Consolidate data from all your different networks and have 24/7 access to your monitoring systems with a reliable and secure software platform.

Data Analytics

Integrate data from your sensors in CMT Cloud to your information systems easily using standard file transfer protocols.


The Tool you Need for Cross-Functional Teams

Monitoring systems have to be accessed by multi-disciplinary teams that need to work on data from an analytical and  operational point of view.. Count on CMT Cloud to consolidate all tasks related to your monitoring systems under the same platform.

IT Managers

Use CMT Cloud to check the performance of all your Worldsensing Networks from a consolidated user interface. 

Operational Teams

Perform bulk actions and configure data sets of your device groups, independent from the network they belong to.

Maintenance Teams

Have real time data on the performance of your monitoring assets to schedule your maintenance actions accordingly.

Asset Owners/Operators

Stream your data securely and reliably to make data-driven decisions on risk management.


Is CMT Cloud the best option in my next project?

CMT Cloud is the right tool for you if you are challenged to:

  • comply with business continuity standards, with system redundancy and data replicated automatically in independent data servers,
  • secure 24/7 data access for your monitoring systems,
  • manage monitoring systems over geographically distributed locations, and for different end-users,
  • provide access to data to multidisciplinary teams working over several monitoring systems, and
  • you need to manage sensor and device configuration remotely.
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