Thread X3 List of compatible sensors

This page provides a list of third-party hardware that have been integrated with Thread X3.


Advantech ADAM 4000 Series
Apogee Pyranometer SP-214
Badger M2000 Flowmeter
Badger M5000 Flowmeter
Badger 380 Series BTU Meter
BeadedStream M-Link Connection for Digital Temperature Cable
BeadedStream Recite Connection for Digital Temperature Cable
Call & Nicholas Instruments SlideMinder
Campbell Scientific AVW200 VW Analyzer Module
Campbell Scientific Water Content Reflectometer
Campbell Scientific LevelVUEB10 Bubbler
DSI Dynaforce Elasto-Magnetic Sensor
DGSI M-Logger MEMS Tiltmeter Logger
DGSI MEMS Tiltmeter
DGSI Mini-Logger VW Logger
DGSI V-Logger VW Logger
Euromag International MC608 Converter
Flowav PS1000 SDE
Geokon 3810A Thermistor String
Geokon 8002 VW Data Logger
Geokon 8960-01C VW Interface
Geokon Tiltbeam
Geolaser AMTS Auto Level
Geosense Smartmux
Geosense Tilt Meter
Gill Maximet
In-Situ AquaTROLL 200 Data Logger
In-Situ AquaTROLL 500 Data Logger
In-Situ LevelTroll Data Logger
In-Situ RuggedTroll Data Logger
Jewell Instruments Lily Borehole Tiltmeter
Jewell Instruments Tuff Tilt Tiltmeter
Leica GNSS System
Leica Total Stations
Nivel Tiltmeter
Measurand ShapeArray (Current Models)
Measurand ShapeArray XYZ (Older Models)
Relay Switch Device
Petrosense DHP-485 Digital Hydrocarbon Probe
RST Digital In-Place Inclinometer
RST MEMS Digital Tilt Meter
RST Digital Tilt Meter
RST Tunnel Profile Monitoring System
RocTest RT-VLOG VW Logger
RocTest RxTx Remote Reading Pendulum Station
Senix ToughSonic Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Schlumberger Variable Frequency Drive
Schneider ALTIVAR 630 Variable Frequency Drive
Seafloor Systems Sonar Device
Solinst Levelogger Water Level Data Logger
Somfy Auotmatic Door
Topcon Robotic Total Station
Turner Designs C3 Fluorometer
Vaisala AQT530 Air Quality Monitoring Station
Vaisala WXT536 Weather Monitoring Station
YSI SensorNet VisoTurb Turbidity Probe
YieldPoint d-Exto Multiple Rod Extensometer
YieldPoint d-MPBX Multiple Point Borehole Extensometer
Sensemetrics Field Camera
Sensemetrics Multipurpose 4-20 Device