Monitoring the integrity of a pipeline in Colombia

Country Malaysia
Sector Oil & Gas
Project Type Pipeline monitoring
Main Product Monitoring Solution


In Casanare, Colombia, a civil engineering project is building a road connection aimed at enhancing travel times and distances in the region. The project involved the construction of a cut-and-cover tunnel, requiring the removal and backfilling of substantial soil. A main challenge was primarily centered around the impact of construction on an existing pipeline situated in the construction area.

A section of the pipeline needed to be temporarily supported overhead by two towers and king posts, demanding meticulous monitoring to ensure structural integrity. Instrumentation was crucial to assess and manage the impact of construction works on the pipeline’s stability.


To address these challenges, together with its technology partner Worldsensing, Insercor implemented a remote monitoring solution.

45 strain sensors connected to Vibrating Wire data loggers were strategically installed along the pipeline. The infrastructure was segmented into 14 rings, each equipped with a data logger, while 4 clinometers Tilt90-X were positioned in the supporting towers. Data collected from the sensors was transmitted remotely via the MQTT protocol to the GIACore IoT visualization software, developed by Insercor. 


Monitoring the integrity of a pipeline in Colombia

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