Webinar: Rock Cliff Monitoring using Remote IoT technology

How to perform deformation and rock fall monitoring to help protect nearby infrastructure and assets – WIRELESSLY


Ricardo Cardoso

Industrial Instrumentation Expert and Sales Manager, Worldsensing

Ricardo has over 15 years experience in technical sales, business development and strategic market penetration. Prior to joining Worldsensing, he worked in a process instrumentation company for over a decade and has worked in a variety of industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare. He is one of Worldsensing’s Product Sales managers and is responsible for the Scandinavian, BENELUX, Portuguese, Italian and Greek markets.

Angela Lluch

Geologist and Civil Engineer, Worldsensing

Angela has over ten years experience working as a consultant of geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring. She has been involved in major tunnelling projects first in Spain and later in Singapore. She is now a wireless monitoring advisor and provides support on the user experience for Loadsensing, the globally leading wireless monitoring system by Worldsensing.

Daniel Naterop

Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Huggenberger AG and Sales engineer at Sisgeo Srl.

Daniel has more than 33 years of experience in geotechnical monitoring. He started at Solexperts before he joined the Sisgeo-Group. He was also the managing director at Huggenberger AG, a Swiss-based company, active in concrete dam monitoring. He is now a senior advisor and project manager to the Sisgeo-group. His experience includes planning, developments and setup of new hardware and software data management systems, conceptual works with technical reports and method statements on instrumentation and hands on installation and instruction. He is also an international lecturer and has released several publications.

Arnau Carbonell

Industrial Engineer and Business Development Manager, Worldsensing

Arnau holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering from UPC and he has an MBA from IESE. Before joining Worldsensing in 2021, he worked in several industries such as Oil & Gas or Chemical, focusing on B2B technical sales. Now he is part of the Product Sales Team, in charge of several European countries.

Learn how to perform remote monitoring to protect assets near rock faces and cliffs.

  • Why wireless monitoring is ideal for deformation and rock cliff monitoring
  • Compatible sensors and software that you can easily connect and integrate with the Worldsensing Monitoring Solution
  •  Key findings and learnings from Huggenberger projects in Switzerland including the Gotthard railway and the tunnel intake of the River Inn power plant


Benefits for you and your business

    • Minimize the need and costs to send manpower to perform perilous maintenance activities
    • Reduce cabling which may be susceptible to damage from environmental elements (i.e. animals, extreme weather)
    • Learn how to set up alarms on your proprietary or 3rd party software
    • Protect assets near rock cliffs

Duration 1 hour


In this webinar you can:

Get an overview of the Worldsensing Monitoring Solution.
Discover new methods in monitoring rock faces and cliffs.
See how the solution can be applied to your project.
Consult our experts about your monitoring challenges.