Learning Session: An introduction to LoRa-based remote monitoring in mining

Learn how to wirelessly monitor various parameters to promote safety and efficiency



Vincent Le Borgne

Mining R&D Manager, GKM Consultants

Vincent has hands-on, field experience in managing large monitoring systems for mines in Canada and currently provides technical guidance regarding installation execution, sampling, logging and monitoring measurements, data management and quality control. He has published papers pertaining to instrumentation and conducts training for professionals and university students in Québec and Ontario.

Adam Dulmage

Mining Director, GKM Consultants

Adam Dulmage Director, Mining at GKM Consultants brings fifteen years of geotechnical instrumentation experience, including sales, business development, world-wide field installations, technical trouble shooting and operations management. He is passionate about product development and seeking out new and innovative solutions to real-world problems. Adam is devoted to the needs of the client and driven by achieving set goals. He is a technical expert with a deep understanding of mining monitoring challenges, with a proven track-record in establishing and maintaining exceptional client relationships. Adam's charisma, positive attitude and commitment to service excellence makes him a well-known source of support to many in the mining community.

Blaine Tait

Business Development Manager, Worldsensing

Blaine Tait is Worldsensing’s Sales Manager for North America. He brings a wealth of geotechnical skills to the role and has a particular focus on the USD$10.4 billion North American mining equipment market. Based in Kingston, Ontario, he joined Worldsensing in September 2021 after a five-year stint at Mine Design Technologies, a Canadian instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. While at Mine Design Technologies, Blaine initially worked as an Instrumentation and Support Specialist before rising to Marketing and Business Development Manager, responsible for the company’s commercial outreach to the mining and civil engineering sectors. Blaine is a recognized expert in wireless geotechnical monitoring equipment and is skilled in customer service delivery and risk assessment. He works alongside Denver, Colorado-based Sales Manager Kelsey Kidd to provide full coverage of North America for Worldsensing clients, not just in mining but also in construction, rail and other sectors involving the monitoring of critical infrastructure assets.

Learn about various applications of LoRa-based wireless monitoring in mines and join the live discussion with experts from Worldsensing and GKM Consultants.

Our mining experts will share:

1) An overview of the technologies provided by Worldsensing and GKM Consultants

2) Wireless monitoring applications in mining:

  • water level and water quality – rainfall monitoring
  • horizontal displacement
  • vertical deformation at various depths
  • movements across surface cracks
  • tension and remaining load in anchorages

3) How to deploy an IoT-based wireless monitoring system to digitize various sensors such as:

  • piezometers in boreholes
  • in-place inclinometers (IPI)
  • water level meters
  • rain gauges
  • crack meters
  • multi-point borehole extensometers (MPBX)
  • load cells
  • water quality probes

Sample case studies featuring tailings dams in Canada.

Other useful information in the live Q&A session.

Duration 1 hour

In this webinar you can:

Obtain an overview of current monitoring methods.
Get inspired by real-world case studies.
See how IoT wireless monitoring can be applied to your needs.
Learn how you can save up to 70% on monitoring costs.