WEBINAR: Sustainable Monitoring for Environmental Projects

Featured Speakers and Moderator

Tyree Williams

Sales Manager, Specto Technology

Tyree Williams is the Sales Manager for Specto Technology based in Linden, New Jersey. A civil engineer by trade, Tyree has 10 years of consulting and project management experience on some of the largest projects in the New York City Metro area. Working on projects such as the East Side Access Tunnel, the World Trade Center, The Citibank US Headquarters has exposed him to many geotechnical and structural instrumentation utilizations. Through experience, he has developed the skills to provide efficient, effective solutions for all geotechnical and structural monitoring applications.

Tamara Maxwell

Geoscience Engineer, Worldsensing

Denver-based Tamara Maxwell has over 14 years experience leading engineering projects and sales for a leading oilfield services company. She started her career as a geophysical logging engineer and later on became an analyst and manager for the geoscience team, specializing in geomechanicsal studies. In that time, she gained an extensive amount of knowledge in borehole instrumentation and measurements. She now uses the knowledge she gained to lead technical sales for Worldsensing in North America.

Kelsey Kidd

Geologist & Geophysicist, Worldsensing

Kelsey Kidd has more than a decade’s worth of geotechnical, geophysical and geological experience, specializing in oil and gas services with companies such as Fairfield Geotechnologies and drilling firm Nomac Services. Her background is in geology and geophysics and she has worked along highly technical experts for most of her career. In addition to starting her own company in Oil and Gas, Kelsey has become passionate about improving safety and reducing costs in construction, mining, infrastructure and rail projects across the US. What Kelsey enjoys most about her position is the opportunity to meet new people and work closely with them to come up with a tailored solution for their needs.