System / Visualization partners

IDS GeoRadar

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, provides products and solutions, based on radar technology, for mining, [...]

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Shell and IBM have combined strengths to create the Oren Marketplace, the first-ever B2B digital [...]

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SAALG Geomechanics

SAALG Geomechanics is an engineering firm specialized in advanced numerical simulations, with an in-house developed [...]

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Settop specializes in the development of geopositioning technologies, customized monitoring solutions for surveying, turn-key hardware [...]

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Vista Data Vision

Vista Data Vision is a leading software solution deployed in the fields of monitoring, publishing [...]

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Trimble is transforming industries in 150 countries through scalable and customizable technologies in positioning, modeling, [...]

Read more Go to Website The environmental IoT Platform and Application. Designed for system integroators and consultants, provides [...]

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The Geomotion Group, with offices across the APAC, is a global leader in new technologies [...]

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Tetra Tech South American is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services and Worldsensing [...]

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