Innovation: SENIX Innovation project

Worldsensing supporting local utilities to improve their operational intelligence processes

Barcelona, November 2018

About Industry 4.0

The evolution of industry as we know it can be seen as occurring in 4 key stages. Industry 1.0 was characterized by mechanization and steam-powered tools, followed by Industry 2.0 with the advent of assembly lines and electric energy. Beginning in the early 1970s, the power of Information Technologies (IT) with electronics and computerization brought about Industry 3.0. So, what is Industry 4.0?


Industry 4.0 brings us from IT to OT, or from Information Technology to Operational Technology. The effects of IT in Industry 3.0, with technologies such as PLC, ERP, SCADA, etc., made it possible to exchange and manage data and information at a level that far exceeded previous human performance. Now, Industry 4.0 changes things again with technologies that allow digitally connected devices to communicate directly with each other. The connection of these smart devices directly with each other means they are capable of sharing information, detecting and controlling change, and acting on it without the need for human involvement. The integration of multiple machines in a cyber-physical system is the world of Operational Technology, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems. With the greater access to data this provides, industries can become smarter, more efficient and productive, and less wasteful.

SENIX – Utility 4.0

The SENIX project focuses on the application of Industry 4.0 to a specific sector the Utility sector, dealing with gas, water and electrical power distribution and commercialization. The objective of the project is to research and develop new technologies enabling digitization, sensorization, and monitoring of service provider networks and infrastructures, and to analyze the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies when applied on Utilities.

Worldsensing’s Role

Worldsensing, as a recognized expert in IoT and Operational Intelligence service, will design and adopt new technologies (microsensors, energy-harvesting modules, and 5G as well as LPWAN communication) for the monitoring of water, gas and electricity operations. Worldsensing will also lead the development of active monitoring solutions to address incidents and implement an anomaly detection and management system tailored for the improvement of Utilities operations. The anomaly management solution will report events and data to the management system database to exploit big data capabilities. Finally, the proposed solutions will be validated through the industrial pilots proposed by Gas Natural Fenosa and SUEZ group.


Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).





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