Webinar: The Latest Technologies for Managing Risks in Mines

In this webinar mining experts will share:

  • The key challenges mining owners and engineers face related to monitoring, such as having to control a large, constantly changing environment by means of sensors and systems while endeavoring to comply with safety and environmental regulations and trying to generate sufficient profits.
  • How monitoring is currently done through manual readings, cables and traditional wireless methods
  • First-hand advice from case studies that will illustrate how IoT wireless monitoring may be used for mines
  • A deep ROI dive based on a cost comparison exercise for different monitoring methods that will enable you to determine which option is most applicable depending on your requirements.
  • Other useful information in a live Q&A session

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Ben Scott

Technical Manager at Geomotion Australia

Ben graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Electronics Engineering from Reading University. He has substantial experience in geotechnical Instrumentation, automated data logging systems and presentation software with projects in Western Australia, Canada, Sudan and Vietnam. He is now a Technical Manager for Geomotion Australia.

Stephane Cantin

Vice President Execution Excellence at Ramjack Technology Solutions

Stephane is a Canadian mining engineer who is currently based in South Africa. He spent the first 3 years of his career working in mining operations before deciding to dedicate the next 20+ years in mining technology. Prior to joining Ramjack, he worked with providers for mine planning software and real-time technologies.

Angela Lluch

Customer Success Engineer at Worldsensing

Lluch has a degree in Geology and a degree in Construction Engineering. She has over ten years’ experience working as a consultant of geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring. She has been involved in major tunnelling projects first in Spain and later in Singapore. She is now a wireless monitoring advisor and provides support on the Loadsensing user experience.

Fernando Perez

Sales Area Manager at Worldsensing

Fernando earned a degree in mining, energy and materials from the University of Oviedo. He also has a Masters degree in Mining Technologies from the same university and a Masters degree in Project Management from the University of Barcelona and OBS. He used to handle sales in Ramjack Technology Solutions and is now the Sales Manager for LATAM and Africa for Worldsensing.