Flood Monitoring

Rely on a monitoring system that can give you the information you need, as early as possible.

Worldsensing IoT remote monitoring solution offers a centralized connect-and-collect platform for automatic water monitoring for flooding control. Set alerts, get notified when thresholds are reached and make data-driven decisions based on a reliable and continuous data flow.



A perfect fit for an integrated flood monitoring system

With Worldsensing, you can deploy monitoring systems in different critical points: lakes, reservoirs, rivers -and have consolidated data under the same platform to help asset owners to make data-driven desicions


Take advantage of integrated multi-sensor technology connected to the same network station.


Leverage system convergence and manage all your sensors, data and networks from a single platform.


Deploy early warning systems based on fast data processing. Threshold-based alerts than can trigger events and communicate them automatically through different channels.


All the Building Blocks for an Efficient Flood Monitoring System

Multi-sensor compatibility

Leverage top class sensor integrations for water management and flood monitoring.
– Weather stations
– Water level sensors
– Filed cameras

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ThreadX3 enabled

Leverage the power our ThreadX3, a fully autonomous connectivity station for robust and continuous monitoring:
– Integrated 4G/LTE cellular modem
– Mesh and Ethernet communications 
– Battery pack in a weather resistant enclosure
– Mobile app for configuration

Centralized software platform

Manage yor network deployment form a single software platform, from network to node configuration.
– Threshold, Alerts management and trigger setup
– Camera activation
– Data visualization
– SMS and email notifications

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Flood Monitoring Kit by Worldsensing.

Areas of Application

Deploy your systems in multiple locations and integrate data for early warning monitoring


The water level of rivers can decrease in dry seasons due to evaporation, while during rainy seasons, they can rise considerably. By using Worldsensing Flood Monitoring solution, the water level of rivers, streams, channels, or any other water course can be monitored remotely in real-time.


Geotechnical/environmental activities generate land movements that can create rapid lake shrinkages, which in turn increase flood risks.Worldsensing Flood Monitoring is the perfect solution to monitor lakes to increase safety.


With the number of heavy rainfall events on the rise, existing dam and reservoirs facilities must maximize their functions to reduce flood risks and damage. Such damages and losses can be mitigated by the Worldsensing Flood Monitoring system that accurately monitors both weather condition and water level parameters.

How it works

An integrated monitoring solution

A seamless data flow from sensors to platform for better data-based decision making.

Connect a weather station for multi-parameter environmental data such as rainfall, temperature, humidity. Connect a water level to the same ThreadX3 and a camera to get instant visibility of any extraordinary event.

Rely on ThreadX3, multi-sensor connectivity enables that simplifies the deployment of flood monitoring systems. Create a network of different stations under a mesh network for added system redundancy.

Work with Worldsensing’s prefered software partner for the best data processing of your monitoring data. Set thresholds and trigger events based on threshold-breach. Notify users on alerts via SMS or email.

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