Automated Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

Your insights into IoT remote monitoring.

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How IoT-based solutions address rail system monitoring challenges


“We have monitoring needs that are mainly related to ensuring the track stability and geometry of tracks.”

Remote geotechnical monitoring of rail tracks: your queries answered


A robust and capable wireless system, such as the Worldsensing platform, will ensure sensors send data reliably.

An introduction to IoT wireless monitoring in the rail industry


“As a maintenance company, we suffer the cost of manpower.”

Remote geotechnical monitoring of rail track surroundings stability


Rail has been around for years. But there is still room for improvement in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Rail monitoring with LoRa star IoT technology: your queries answered


Several sectors could benefit from remote monitoring. I really believe that it improves operational capacity.

Wireless rail monitoring questions: Loadsensing features and benefits


What can help is the range of the wireless and the possibility to operate without the need for permanent power.

How wireless sensor networks can benefit the UK’s upcoming rail buildout


LoRa networks installed along railtracks can form the basis for early warning systems to help improve passenger safety.

Railway Maintenance: the New Frontier of Wireless Monitoring


Railways are in need of constant maintenance in order to ensure the safety of both passengers and railway workers.