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Zaragoza is the fifth biggest city in Spain, with 682,000 inhabitants in a surface area of approximately 1,000 km2. This means the City Council has to manage a large and complex road network, in which there are significant differences between the traditional road fabric of the historic centre and the new developments. The city is also an important junction where several motorways and national roads meet, and has a highly congested ring-road due to the large quantity of vehicle traffic on it.


In order to get an overview of the city’s traffic situation in real-time and be able to devise a suitable planning and management strategy, Zaragoza City Council’s Traffic Management Centre implemented a solution based on Worldsending’s Bitcarrier Traffic Flow Management technology. Formed by a Software Suite and 150 sensors installed on the city’s road network, the solution enables 90% of the city’s roads and 30% of its daily traffic to be monitored. Council staff can access the information by means of an interface especially designed to facilitate management. Furthermore, the information obtained is published on a website and an application citizens can access from a computer or mobile phone.


After installing the solution, Zaragoza City Council has a real-time overview of the traffic situation in the city. This enables the planning and response to complex situations to be improved, for example by diverting traffic to alternative routes, sending police officers to control traffic queues or remotely monitoring traffic light and road panel regulation. The solution also enables calculation of the travel times between any origin and destination. Citizens benefit from a more efficient road management scheme that reduces traffic queues, pollution and risk of accident.

Finally, the chance to access real-time information on the traffic situation and the duration of the journey, on the municipal web and the mobile application developed by the company Agora Networks, offers citizens a way to plan their journeys, choose alternative routes or decide whether to go by car or public transport.

Intelligent traffic information and management system

Since the International Exhibition held there in 2008, the city of Zaragoza has made a firm decision to be one of the continent’s pioneer Smart Cities. One of the areas it has made most progress in is intelligent traffic management, thanks to Bitcarrier.


– Real-time information about the traffic situation.

– Web interface specifically optimized for management.

– Possibility to divert traffic on alternative routes.

– Dynamic calculation of the duration of urban journeys.

– Public web and app to plan journeys.

Traffic Flow Management in Zaragoza City

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