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Since the Pope declared the Sagrada Família a basilica in November 2010 the number of people that are visiting this beautiful landmark has significantly increased. As a result, a big volume of local people living near the Sagrada Familia have expressed various complains about the traffic congestion in the area. The Barcelona City Council has started an initiative to solve the existing conflicts between buses, tourists, neighbors and vehicles circulating in the area. To that end, the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona’s City Council in Spain) has chosen to deploy the Fastprk Smart Parking Technology System developed by Worldsensing to guide coach drivers to the nearest empty space in any of three nearby on-street parking areas for coaches. Various electronic panels on the streets inform coach drivers of availability by displaying the number of vacant spaces in each parking area.


The solution chosen for this project was Fastprk, the leading outdoor Parking Management System by Worldsensing. 164 sensors are currently installed every 20m on four different streets surrounding the area around Sagrada Familia: Street Marina with Diagonal, Street Consell de Cent, Nord Bus Station y Street Sardenya close to the Theater of Barcelona.

The Fastprk system uses electromagnetic sensors to detect the status of each parking space and sends all occupancy information to a central management unit. To deliver the occupancy status of each parking space, Fastprk sensors are connected to the IoT network, which is owned by Cellnex Telecom (previously named Abertis), a company that works in partnership with Worldsensing. Parking occupancy information is available in real time and is displayed on various panels on city squares like Placa Neruda, Placa Hispanitat and Placa Gaudí. Coach drivers can also check this data on the website.

Worldsensing’s innovative system and technology simplifies the maintenance process. The sensors are accessed by means of a unique key that allows for routine maintenance. Several years of battery life can be expected with minimal need for street furniture, as wireless repeaters are not required.


By being informed of parking availability around Sagrada Familia in real time, tourist coaches can identify and get to the nearest parking space faster, which saves time while reducing both traffic congestion and CO2 emissions in the area. Not only do the drivers benefit from the smart parking system, but the more than 50 people on each coach. Additionally, the concerns of locals living around Sagrada Familia regarding traffic congestion in the area are easily resolved. Furthermore, BSM – Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, a company of the Barcelona City Council, is able to manage coach fleets more effectively, especially vehicles which require non demarcated parking zones.

The city of Barcelona has deployed Worldsensing´s Fastprk Smart Parking System around the city in order to provide tourist coached with real-time information on parking availability. Consequently, coach drivers can now find parking quickly and efficiently while traffic flow is improved.


  • Reduction of time spent finding a parking space
  • Web page that enables parking to be paid and renewed by mobile phone
  • Real-time overview of parking space occupation
  • Panel that shows the parking available in the area
  • Dynamic management of parking
  • 85-90% reliability of the system

Smart Parking for Touristic Coaches in Barcelona

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