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The Kingdom Tower area regularly encountered problems with traffic congestion. Finding a parking slot in the prime commercial area was also an arduous task. Pollution levels in the city have increased in recent years due to high vehicle volume especially during peak hours. Riyadh selected Fastprk to optimize traffic flow and to provide citizens with real-time tools to find parking spaces faster. The solution was delivered in conjunction with the overall Smart City framework from CISCO.


To help Riyadh tackle its parking issues, Worldsensing installed 1500 wireless sensors in the Kingdom Tower area and 10 DMS (Dynamic message signs) in strategic locations throughout the city. The sensors used LoRaWAN: a Long Range, Low Power wireless technology used by IoT networks worldwide. Meanwhile the cloud applications suite platform helps municipal authorities to better manage traffic.

The Fastprk system uses electromagnetic sensors to detect the status of each parking space and sends all occupancy information to a central management unit. To deliver the occupancy status of each parking space, Fastprk sensors are connected to the CISCO network which manage the real-time information.

Worldsensing’s innovative system and technology simplifies the maintenance process. The sensors are automatically calibrated in the server through a calibration and detection algorithm based on cutting-edge technologies such as machine-learning. Several years of battery life can be expected with minimal need for street furniture, as wireless repeaters are not required.


Fastpark helps reduce pollution and ease traffic congestion. The intelligent public transport app customized for the city provides real-time information for users helping them to save time finding a parking space. Consequently, all these help improve the city’s environment making it a better place to live in and visit.

The solution paves the way to improved mobility in the city by providing insights on citizen parking behavior and enhancements on city policies. It also increases the efficiency of parking operators in terms of parking fee collections by immediately identifying areas with high fraudulent transactions.

The city of Riyadh deployed Fastprk to evaluate the benefits of the smart parking technology and to serve as a model for Smart Cities in the Middle East. The Fastprk solution has been successfully capturing parking data during the first phase of the project. The results will be used as references for the city’s mobility strategy and potential expansion of smart parking throughout the city.


  • Reduction of time spent finding a parking space through a mobile app
  • Real-time overview of parking space occupation
  • DMS LED Displays that show the parking available in the area
  • Dynamic management of parking spaces
  • High reliability of the system

Fastprk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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