Parking Monitoring in the Historic Center of Perugia, Italy++


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Perugia is the capital city of the Umbria region and a famous cultural and artistic centre in Italy. Based on statistics from previous years, the Perugia province received the highest number of international tourist arrivals in the Umbria region with approximately 469 thousand visitors in 2016.

Like most old cities, Perugia’s streets were not designed for heavy traffic. Also, the limited parking spaces available and the large influx of tourists have made it difficult for both local residents and visitors to find parking spots.


Saba Italy, a private parking management company, is managing 6 indoor parking facilities to address the parking demand. They also partnered with Worldsensing for the installation of Fastprk sensors in the historic center for restricted access parking exclusive for local residents. The sensors send parking occupancy data to 2 gateways which in turn transmit the data to the Fastprk cloud software that is integrated with a Fastprk panel system installed at the entrance of the city center. The panel shows real-time parking availability in order to help control the volume of incoming traffic. The data from the Fastprk sensors is combined with the other indoor parking systems and are visualized in a mobile parking app available for both Android and IOS users. The app was customized by Worldsensing for Saba and the city of Perugia.

Worldsensing’s parking management system, Fastprk, uses wireless sensors that work on LoRa to detect the status of each parking space and send all occupancy information to a central management unit. The sensors have been proven to reach parking accuracy levels of more than 95% and can be deployed without repeaters for up to 500 meters, making them ideal for outdoor parking deployments. The Fastprk software can also be integrated with 3rd party systems, in this case, with Parkare and the Saba parking management system.


The tourism boom in a city can bring in additional revenues but it can also be a nuisance for the residents and tourists if not managed properly. The collaboration between Saba and Worldsensing helped to ease some of the inconveniences by providing the real-time status of parking occupancy through the panel at the city entrance, which spares drivers from the hassle of driving all the way up the city center in vain search for a parking space, and by showing the nearest available parking spot through the mobile app.

Worldsensing, in collaboration with Saba Italy, deployed Fastprk in Perugia, Italy to help drivers find parking slots faster in the historic city center.


  • Secured parking spaces for local residents
  • More sustainable tourism development
  • Better traffic and visitor volume management
  • Incremental revenues from parking and visitor arrivals

Parking Monitoring in the Historic Center of Perugia, Italy

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