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Katara is a cultural village in Doha, which was built by the State of Qatar to create a cultural hub and a lighthouse of art in the Middle East through theatre, literature, music, visual art, conventions and exhibitions.

Due to the variety of events being held throughout the year, Katara Village experiences moments of high volume of traffic and visitors. This is why its operations were in need of smart solutions to manage peak hour traffic and parking as well as connecting all facilities which are usually maintained and operated by fragmented teams which work separately. In order to optimize mobility to Katara Village and to anticipate, visualize and resolve unusual situations fast and easily, operators were also looking for a system to manage incidents.


To solve its traffic flow and parking management issues Katara installed the Parking Management System, Fastprk, including 100 Smart Parking sensors and 1 numerical panel as well as the Traffic Flow Management System, Bitcarrier, with 6 traffic flow sensors. Both Fastprk and Bitcarrier were integrated into Worldsensing’s operational intelligence solution, Mobility, along with all existing subsystems such as traffic information, tracking, CCTV cameras, smart lighting, incidents, and road work.

By using one single interface, operators can now make decisions based on real-time data analytics, correlate this information with historical data, manage incidents, and geo-locate staff, assets and road works. In addition, citizens can report incidents through a public mobile app while a private mobile app allows operators to facilitate information on the status of different Katara facilities to the control room.


The Mobility solution allows Katara to manage traffic, parking, facility assets and staff through one system. Operators can match real-time information from different subsystems, see what is really happening at any given time and make decision based on geo-location intelligence.

24/7 vehicle and workforce tracking enables operators to monitor assets and locate and coordinate available staff. While routing visualization helps the control room assess the best possible route to dispatch a priority vehicle, operators can learn from past events and optimize routes by means of historical data. Through resource optimization Katara can also locate agents and assets per area.

Mobility offers its own incident management tool allowing Katara to view and manage incidents reported by the public or facility staff and provides operators with a holistic view of all incidents reported.

While the cultural hub uses Bitcarrier to analyze traffic speeds by streets, calculate average speed times and rates and compare them to pre-configured time periods, Fastprk offers real-time parking information as well as metrics on space turnover and availability and average lengths of stay.

Increasing Operational Efficiency and Citizen Experience

The cultural hub Katara Village offers a variety of facilities and events attracting thousands of visitors per year. The Smart Community now runs operations on a solution allowing to increase operational efficiency while creating a more positive experience for visitors and citizens.


– Integrate multiple city subsystems and data sources
– Visualize city operations in real-time
– Make decisions based on real-time data correlation
– Leverage situational intelligence to resolve incidents quicker
– Increase citizen engagement
– Improve emergency response times
– Reduce traffic congestion and Co2 emissions
– Optimize parking space usage
– Predict and manage incidents

Katara Improves Operational Efficiency

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Katara Cultural Village

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