How to implement dynamic tax pricing and price ceiling monitoring to promote sustainable tourism

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Are you a director of tourism operations?

What are your biggest challenges in terms of sustainable tourism growth?

The sudden tourism boom has helped increase our tourism revenues, however if we are not able to manage the influx of visitors, we are concerned that it will have a negative impact on the local environment and culture. There are islands that have had to be shut down for months just to give the destination a chance to undergo rehabilitation. There are cities wherein the local population is forced to move out of the city because the prices of the local housing have sky-rocketed given the demand of the tourists.

What are you currently doing to fix the issue?

Right now, we are manually gathering data on tourist arrivals and converting them into reports but we have no real-time view of tourism statistics. We have also implemented higher taxes and visitor policies in the tourist destinations but this has resulted in the establishments increasing the pricing of goods and services, which hurts the local population instead of managing the volume of visitors.

Let us help you fix the problem

The software solution Smart Cities powered by OneMind can provide you with real-time reports, insights, alerts and response plans to help your manage your tourism operations.

How does it work?

Smart Cities powered by OneMind provides your Tourism Operations Center a mobile application and web client that enables the local tourism department to have real-time reports on tourist arrivals and spending and insights on how to implement dynamic tax pricing according to tourist volumes. It can also provide alerts on areas where the prices of establishments breach designated thresholds or areas where there may be unaccredited accommodations in operation.

What can you integrate?

  • Tourist arrival statistics by airline, bus, ship
  • Tax pricing and average spending per destination
  • List of accredited establishments and crowd heatmaps per area
  • Activities & events calendars
  • Environmental data for air and water pollution
  • Maps and weather
  • Traffic conditions
  • Digital government platforms


How to implement dynamic tax pricing and price ceiling monitoring to promote sustainable tourism


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