How to fast track finishing tasks for construction projects to avoid delays and penalties

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Are you a foreman, construction site or project manager?

What is your biggest headache when completing a construction project?

We still haven’t been paid on our last project and we are already in danger of going over-budget. We are also at risk of going over our agreed timeline and this might cause additional penalties. The client doesn’t want to approve the infrastructure until we have accomplished at least 80% of the punch list which includes hundreds or even thousands of tasks. Aside from this, we have to comply with quality and health and safety requirements which are mandatory for the acceptance of the project.

What are you currently doing to fix the issue?

I assign different tasks to different teams and we have a list that we update manually every day to see which jobs are still pending. Once we have completed a set of tasks, we invite a representative from the customer to go through the different items and sign off on the completion.

Let us help you fix the problem

The software solution Smart Construction powered by OneMind has a Field Service Management Application with a Finishing Tasks feature that will enable you to go paperless and automatically list, organize, prioritize, document and complete finishing tasks.

How does it work?

The Finishing Tasks feature enables you to shift from manual to digital processes at any point during the project execution through an application available on mobile and the web. Through this feature, you may identify and prioritize thousands of open tasks, upload data from existing Microsoft Excel files, manage dozens of teams by assigning specific jobs, gather photographic evidence with a mobile app and keep your team connected through an in-app chat. You also get an overall dashboard and a map with the location of all the pending tasks through a web visualization tool.

How to fast track finishing tasks for construction projects to avoid delays and penalties


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