Efficient Response Management after Highway Accidents

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Are you an Operations Center Manager or are you in charge of Emergency Services?

What are your biggest challenges in terms of managing highway accidents?

Citizens who live in the suburbs usually leave early to travel on the highways leading to city centers. Once a vehicle gets on the highway, it is difficult to go on an alternative route because the highway can span for several kilometers before the next exit. A highway accident involving a truck transporting flammable liquids can create a major gridlock and cause a widespread fire. It is difficult to deploy fire and emergency response teams to the site because the highways are blocked and it takes time to clear the debris and to make the highway passable again.

What are you currently doing to fix the issue?

We are notified about accidents through citizens who call the emergency hotlines. We notify each of our response teams (fire, police, tow trucks, highway maintenance, emergency services) separately. We send our highway agents on site to try to organize the traffic but we don’t have enough resources to cover all the highway entry points and to advise motorists to avoid the highway.

Let us help you fix the problem

The software solution Smart Cities powered by OneMind can provide you with real-time reports, insights, alerts and response plans to help you manage your traffic operations.

How does it work?

Smart Cities powered by OneMind helps cities to establish an Integrated Operations Center by gathering and correlating data related to traffic flow in a centralized view. It can receive alerts, identify available assets in the area through the Influence Zone feature and immediately execute predefined Response Plans to efficiently resolve emergency cases. It can also trigger the sending of important announcements to message boards at highway entry points or social media to disseminate information about rerouting options.

What are the subsystems that you can integrate?

  • Live Traffic
  • CCTV cameras
  • Various city assets and resources (highway traffic police, fire brigade, emergency services, message boards, hospitals, highway maintenance for clean up activities etc)
  • Digital government platforms

Efficient Response Management after Highway Accidents


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