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With around 200,000 inhabitants, an intricate historic centre and a growing vehicle fleet, the Polish municipality of Gliwice is faced with the usual challenges of any modern city. The municipal authorities have to reconcile vehicle and pedestrian traffic in urban areas, which requires a rational management of surface parking spaces ensuring smooth traffic flow, and also vouching for the interests of the city’s inhabitants and traders. So, the operator running the city’s regulated parking spaces chose the Worldsensing solution after a successful preliminary experiment.


City Parking Group is the operator licensed to operate Gliwice’s regulated parking spaces. Previously, Fastprk had been successfully implemented in the neighbouring city of Lodz, Poland’s third biggest city. For this reason, the company once again put its trust in Worldsensing technology for its application in Gliwice. The solution comprises 300 sensors installed in the regulated parking spaces, electronic panels that guide drivers to free spaces and an app that enables them to pay for parking via mobile phone. A management platform provides real-time information on the occupation of the city’s parking spaces.


Thanks to the installation of Fastprk, City Parking Group now has a comprehensive intelligent system for monitoring and managing regulated parking in Gliwice. The electrical panels indicate free spaces, reducing the time needed for parking, which de-congests the streets and reduces pollution. Drivers can pay for parking tickets from their mobiles via the free app and even extend their parking time without having to go back to the parking meter to put in more coins. The operator can also adopt dynamic measures to optmise use of the parking spaces, such as raising or lowering charges in certain city districts or at certain times (for example, when sports events are held or on days of high shopping activity). Finally, Fastprk’s connection with the regulated parking system enables detection of vehicles that have not paid for parking. With this solution, Gliwice has become one of the most advanced cities in the intelligent management of regulated parking, a cornerstone for the Smart Cities of the future.

Intelligent street parking management system

The Polish city of Gliwice is now a pioneer in parking space management thanks to Fastprk. This intelligent parking system helps drivers find free spaces and enables them to pay for parking via a mobile phone.


– Reduction of time spent finding a parking space.

– App that enables parking to be paid and renewed by mobile phone.

– Real-time overview of parking space occupation.

– Dynamic management of parking charges.

– Detection of vehicles that do not pay for parking.

City of Gliwice Implements Smart Parking Solution

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