Efficient Response Execution for Environmental Alerts

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Are you an Operations Center Manager or Health Department official?

What are your biggest challenges in terms of managing air pollution in the city?

PM10 (particulate matter 10 micrometers or less in diameter) from vehicle emissions may reach dangerous levels, especially during dry periods when there is no rain to wash out the air pollution. Particulates are the most harmful form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and bloodstreams unfiltered, causing heart attacks, respiratory disease, and premature death.

What are you currently doing to fix the issue?

We regularly monitor PM10 levels in the city. This information is disseminated to the citizens to encourage them to take public transport but we can’t stop private vehicles from entering into the city. We can implement measures to minimize vehicle volume in the city but these take time to execute and we are not able to dynamically adjust traffic operations in case of any sudden weather changes or wind directions that may affect PM10 levels.

What would really help you?

I need to find a way to manage air pollution in the city without compromising the mobility of citizens.

Let us help you fix the problem

The software solution Smart Cities powered by OneMind can provide you with real-time reports, insights, alerts and response plans to help you manage your traffic operations to help minimize city air pollution levels.

How does it work?

Smart Cities powered by OneMind helps cities to monitor the air quality in the city and correlate it to weather patterns in order to predict periods wherein the PM10 particles reach dangerous levels. The early detection enables the monitoring of the situation, identification of available assets in the area through the Influence Zone feature and the immediate execution of predefined Response Plans to efficiently resolve emergency cases. It can also trigger sending of messages to message boards in the city or social media to disseminate information.

What are the subsystems that you can integrate?

  • Environmental data in maps (PM10, humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction etc)
  • Traffic conditions
  • Various city assets and resources (traffic police, health department etc)
  • Digital government platforms

Efficient Response Execution for Environmental Alerts


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