Success stories from around the world

Tailings dam monitoring

Wide-area monitoring of tailings dams in Brazil

Several tailings dams in Brazil have selected ANATEL-certified Worldsensing data nodes and gateways to minimize the risk of tailings dam failures without incurring significant cabling and manual maintenance costs.

Shaft liner concrete curing

How wireless monitoring improves concrete curing in shaft mining

Geophysical monitoring

Using wireless technology for rock face monitoring of hiking trails

Geophysical monitoring

Protecting a hydro power plant inlet from the risk of rock falls

Remote landslide monitoring

Wireless technology for landslide monitoring in residential areas

Landfill monitoring

How long-range, wireless technology helps monitor groundwater for a landfill project in LA

Wastewater tunnel

How sustainable monitoring methods were deployed for the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) project in Washington D.C.


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