Webinar: Remote Geotechnical Monitoring of Railtrack Surroundings Stability

How to monitor embankment slippage, retaining wall inclination and cracks, tunnel convergence and rock fall – WIRELESSLY


Tim Clegg

Commercial Manager, Geosense

Tim has extensive experience of technical application sales of specialist products for the geotechnical, rail and civil engineering industries. As an advocate of wireless technology in the monitoring world, Tim’s main passion is getting monitoring data into the hands of decision makers as quickly and easily as possible. He has been involved in supplying instruments to some of the world’s most prestigious projects and is responsible for formulating the commercial direction of Geosense as well as offering technical input into current and future product development. Tim holds a BSc in Economics from the University of East Anglia and has been involved in several industry bodies during his career

Angela Lluch

Application Engineer, Worldsensing

Angela Lluch has more than 10 years’ experience in geotechnics and engineering geology working as a consultant on major tunneling projects in Spain and Singapore. She is now an Application Engineer and provides support on the user experience for Loadsensing, the globally leading wireless monitoring system by Worldsensing. She holds a degree in Geology from the University of Barcelona and a degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Matt Azzopardi

IoT Remote Monitoring Expert, Worldsensing

Matt Azzopardi has been working at the cutting edge of technology for the last 12 years. Specialising in energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction, IIoT connectivity and reporting, intelligent lighting and voltage optimisation. Having moved into the geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring sector several years ago, he is now responible for the UK sales operation at Worldsensing - delivering product and integrated solutions to Engineering Service Providers and Distributors.

Learn how to perform remote and real-time monitoring of the areas and infrastructure surrounding railtracks

In this webinar, our rail industry experts will share:

1. Geotechnical monitoring challenges

– Stability of surrounding areas (embankment slippage, rockfall, surrounding infrastructure, tunnel convergence)

2. IoT Remote monitoring of rail infrastructures

– Wireless technologies overview

– LoRa Star network architecture

– Monitoring parameters and proposed solutions

3. A sample use case from an actual project deployment


Duration 1 hour

In this webinar you can:

Learn about geotechnical monitoring in the rail industry
Immediately take the next steps to improve your your monitoring processes
Consult our experts about your monitoring challenges.