Webinar: IoT Remote Monitoring of Open-pit mines

How to monitor water level, dewatering and pumping stations, slope movements and ground displacements – WIRELESSLY


Kelsey Kidd

Geologist and Geophysicist, Worldsensing

Kelsey Kidd has more than a decade’s worth of geotechnical, geophysical and geological experience, specializing in oil and gas services with companies such as Fairfield Geotechnologies and drilling firm Nomac Services. In addition to starting her own company in Oil and Gas, Kelsey has become passionate about improving safety and reducing costs in construction, mining, infrastructure and rail projects across the US.

Juan Pérez Arcas

Geotechnical Engineer and Head of Instrumentation & Monitoring, Worldsensing

Juan Perez has 15+ years experience and knowledge of geotechnics, construction site management, instrumentation, data management, data acquisition systems and low-power wide area LPWA networks.

Blaine Tait

Wireless Geotechnical Monitoring Expert, Worldsensing

Blaine Tait is Worldsensing’s Sales Manager for North America. Based in Kingston, Ontario, he joined Worldsensing in 2021 after a five-year stint at Mine Design Technologies (MDT), a Canadian instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. While at MDT, Blaine initially worked as an Instrumentation and Support Specialist before rising to Marketing and Business Development Manager, responsible for the company’s commercial outreach to the mining and civil engineering sectors.

Learn about IoT Remote Monitoring of Open-pit mines. Join the live discussion with experts from Worldsensing.

Discover how you can use LoRa-based monitoring technology to monitor the following parameters in open-pit mines:

– water quality

– vertical deformation at various depths

– horizontal displacements

– pore pressure

– water level, precipitaton, temperature

– surface cracks

– real-time slope movements

– relative distance

– variation of slopes

– diesel fuel levels

Learn from our experience in a project deployment in Nevada, USA.

Benefits for you and your business

– Minimize costs for installation and maintenance

– Gather real-time data to help you make quick business and operational decisions

– Reduce safety risks and hazards in your project deployments

Duration 1 hour

In this webinar you can:

Get an overview of the Worldsensing Monitoring Solution.
Discover new methods in mine monitoring.
See how the solution can be applied to your project.
Consult our experts about your monitoring challenges.