WEBINAR: Measurand and Worldsensing 101

Learn how to set up an integrated and sustainable solution to perform real-time deformation monitoring by using Measurand’s ShapeArray with the Worldsensing Digital Logger.



Matthew Miller

Technical Services, Measurand

Matthew is a senior member of the Technical Services team and has been with Measurand for just under 4 years. With a background in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, Matthew has been guiding clients through the steps of implementing and automating ShapeArray into new or existing monitoring programs across a wide range of sectors.

Juan Pérez Arcas

Geotechnical engineer and Head of Application Engineering

Juan has 15+ years experience and knowledge of geotechnics, construction site management, instrumentation, data management, data acquisition systems and low-power wide area LPWA networks.

Learn how the integrated solution works from the geotechnical and instrumentation experts at Worldsensing and Measurand.

Sample application cases:

  • Real-time deformation profile measurements
  • Vertical, horizontal, arc installation orientations
  • Constructions and foundations
  • Mining and tailing dams
  • Concrete and gravity dams
  • Tunnels and convergence
  • Geohazards


How can this integration benefit your projects?

  • Be even more sustainable: Leverage the autonomously powered digital logger to work with an energy efficient, wireless deformation monitoring solution.
  • Accelerate ROI: Benefit from a repeater-free, wireless solution that reduces the technology stack you need for deformation monitoring.
  • Save time & resources: Obtain reliable, remote monitoring data through a LoRa Star network (12km / 7 miles range) from the comfort of your office.
  • Speed up process: Rely on an easy-to-use Loadsensing in-field configuration app to auto-detect segments and update protocol configurations.
  • Get monitoring support: Have peace of mind by working with trusted leaders in the monitoring industry.

Duration 1 hour

In this webinar you can:

Get an overview of the Measurand ShapeArray and the Worldsensing Digital Logger.
Watch a demo about how to install, configure and manage the data from the integration.
See how the joint solution can be applied to your project.
Find out about other upcoming developments.