The Latest Trend in Tunnel ConstructionTunnel Monitoring in the Construction Phase

How Wireless Monitoring Systems help track performance, identify issues and decrease operational risksIf you are involved in tunnel construction projects you know that monitoring surface and underground excavations to decrease potential risks and control operational costs are key.

Featured Speakers

Cristina Lafuente

Geotechnical Engineer, Worldsensing

With a Masters in Geotechincal Engineering, Lafuente previously worked as a project management consultant for several TBM tunneling projects in Spain and is now in charge of leading the digital transformation of civil works operations through IoT across the US.


Dots Oyenuga

Ph.D., P.E., ASC

Dr. Oyenuga has over 40 years experience in Geotechnical and Tunnel Instrumentation and has published over 50 project design/construction reports, and more than 20 technical papers. He wrote the “Road Tunnel Design Guidelines” for the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), sold world-wide by the US Department of Commerce. Oyenuga is currently managing Geotechnical Instrumentation on the largest US Urban Tunneling Project using Loadsensing Technology.

David Gomez

Industrial Engineer, P.E., Worldsensing

Gomez has a MSc in Industrial Engineering and holds a BA in Business. He is a registered PE in California where he worked for over seven years helping industrial companies to transform their operations through IoT technologies. Gomez is now an expert on wireless monitoring for a variety of geotechnical applications across Europe and the US.