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Meet the guys behind Loadsensing: they envisioned it, they built it, they revolutionized the monitoring industry.



Juan Perez

Geotechnical Engineer & Loadsensing Expert

Juan is the product owner of Loadsensing, the globally recognized wireless monitoring system. Juan has 14+ years experience and knowledge of geotechnics, construction site management, instrumentation, data management, data acquisition systems and low-power wide area networks.

Bernat Trias

Director of Products & Monitoring Expert

With 15+ years experience in Telco and over 10 years leading product management teams, Bernat knows what it takes to digitize and transform industries around the globe. At Worldsensing, Bernat is in charge of developing and improving the company's IoT remote monitoring portfolio.

Learn from our product experts

Join this session to pick the brains of our Loadsensing monitoring crew 

Juan Perez, geotechnical engineer and Loadsensing product owner, and Bernat Trias, director of products, know the wireless monitoring industry by heart.

In fact, Juan has been there from the very beginning: when Loadsensing was first envisioned, commercially launched, and deployed in over 60 countries to date.

Bernat and Juan know what fellow engineers and operators of critical assets and infrastructures are faced with.

Be it in mining, construction, rail or structural health, these two have a lot to share when it comes to bringing IoT to life in instrumentation & monitoring:

  1. Quick intro to IoT remote monitoring with Loadsensing, the global leader in wireless monitoring.
  2. Live Q&A: send us your questions ahead of time so we can make sure to answer them.
  3. Real-world use case and application scenarios: Juan and Bernat will make sure to share as many installation insights as possible.

Duration 30 minutes

In this ASK ME ANYTHING you can:

Spend time with Loadsensing product experts
Discuss technical challenges you are facing
Learn about the business benefits of IoT remote monitoring
Get your burning questions answered