Webinar: Underground and surface wireless monitoring in tunnel construction

Featured Speakers

Sergio Luqui

Civil Engineer at Worldsensing

Sergio is a Civil Engineer with more than 20 years experience in managing and executive positions in construction, engineering consulting, and monitoring industries. He is head of business development for Worldsensing in the US and Canada.

María Navarro

Geologist Engineer at Worldsensing

Maria is an Engineering Geologist with 20 years of experience in construction project site supervision and geotechnical monitoring. She led the team handling the planning, supervision, quality control and auxilliary works related to subterranean excavations for the Barcelona L9 Metro construction. She now manages key Loadsensing projects all over the world with the Worldsensing Customer Success team.

Juan Pérez

Geotechnical Engineer at Worldsensing

Juan is a Geotechnical Engineer with more than 14 years of experience and knowledge of geotechnics, construction site management, instrumentation, data management, data acquisition systems and low-power wide area networks. He is also the product owner of the globally recognized wireless monitoring system Loadsensing since 2013.