Remotely manage real-time data collection for critical asset monitoring

Improve your mine safety through reliable IoT remote monitoring.

Challenges you are probably faced with

You need to timely collect data from wells, surface piezometers and other geotechnical instruments.

You need to monitor a multitude of data points through manual readings or other complex, often costly approaches.

Team members, assets and equipment are potentially put at risk as many instruments are remotely located and hard-to-access.

Spotty and manual monitoring tools are not up to date with HSE and government regulations.

The large sums of data collected are often messy, fragmented and meaningless unless properly aggregated and processed to come up with useful information within integrated IT systems.

Your solution: IoT Remote Monitoring.

Our monitoring solution allows mining operators to implement remote data-collection and real-time monitoring to reduce time spent on mine readings and improve decision-making in critical situations.

Application areas for IoT remote monitoring in mines

Surface monitoring

TSF: Tailings Storage Facilities.
Slope, cracks in walls, rockfall, subsidence.

Underground monitoring

Shaft mining construction process.


Stabilizing tailing dams during construction.
Stabilizing control in recently constructed mining infrastructures.
Controlling excavation activities in the pit.
Monitoring slope stability.
Water table analysis.
Crack extension monitoring.
Tilt monitoring.

Critical asset monitoring

Dewatering control of open pits.
Structural monitoring of tailing dams.
Stabilizing pit slopes.

IoT remote monitoring in tailings dams

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Success story

Tailings dam monitoring for Boddington, Australia’s largest gold mine

Worldsensing data loggers have been deployed to perform remote wireless monitoring of the piezometers around the Boddington tailings dam, eliminating the need for manual monitoring by on-site personnel.

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Digital transformation of mines: insights from Vale

Major mining players are racing to embrace digitization in order to improve operational safety and efficiency.


Worldsensing among 100 companies embracing circular economy practices

Worldsensing has been featured in a Catalan government listing of 100 companies embracing circular economy practices. Worldsensing’s inclusion in the [...]

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