Event detection

A key component of an early warning system.

How can you detect deformation activity in real time?

When slopes in remote areas start moving, you need to receive early warning messages to monitor their movements and make data-informed decisions.

Take data-informed actions with dynamic IoT remote monitoring

For embankment and slide monitoring and management.

Once an event has been detected, real world actions can follow to deal with an increase in ground movements.

Work with tilt meters with dynamic reading capabilities.

Obtain more frequent data readings in case a tilt threshold is met

Threshold notification messages are automatically sent to a 3rd party software.

Integrate the data with the software of your choice through which you operate and manage the early warning system.

Solution components

Project and Installation Support

For the initial deployment of the solution, get at least 2 days of remote project/installation support to ensure a successful implementation of the solution.

Event Detection License including MQTT

Choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployments and perpetual or annual subscriptions. Receive the data in real-time on your preferred software through your MQTT connection which is included in the license.

Tilt90 devices and Connectivity

Adjust the tilt thresholds and configure the Tilt90 wireless tiltmeters with the Event Detection software through the Worldsensing app. Manage and monitor your network of 4G gateways and edge devices through the Connectivity Management Tool (CMT).

Related Services

Fastrack your deployments and keep your peace of mind with our Device Preconfiguration service and Extended Warranty for the Tilt90 devices.

How it works

Take data-informed actions with dynamic IoT remote monitoring.


Collect sensor data from the Tilt90 devices and set your axes thresholds.


Gather data from the devices and integrate them via *MQTT (available upon request).


Use the data from the Event Detection Solution for your early warning software and system.

Early Warning System

Ways to use the notifications to automate your early warning system

SMS/phone/email alert

Switch a camera on

Assign a task to a person or team

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