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Digitize projects, control operational assets and optimize processes

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Applications powered by OneMind are used to
digitize a wide range of construction projects

Tunnel Monitoring

SCADA Integration

Stability Monitoring

Machinery Tracking

Partner Management

Finishing Tasks

CCTV Integration

Workforce safety

Are you a Construction Site or Project Manager?

We are working in major construction projects to go paperless, perform real-time, visual monitoring and fast track project completion.



The intelligent IoT solution builder

is the core technology we use to enable construction companies like yours to deliver projects more timely and keep costs down.


helps you build the construction application or end-to-end IoT solution which best fits your operational needs

Awards and Accolades

Worldsensing has been recognized as the “Company to Watch” by the BBC and Wall Street Journal, has been included in the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies and has received awards from IBM, GSMA, Gartner, and others.


Benefit from existing construction applications

We are working with a range of renowned construction organizations around the globe. Based on our joint experience, we have developed applications to make projects more efficient.


Real-time information and decision-making

Outcomes for foremen
  • Know what is happening in real time
  • Manage tasks and incidents
  • Reduce response times
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Keep your workforce safe
Available features

IoT device integration (sensors, GPS trackers, etc.)

Mobile application

Real-time data accessibility

Real-time collaboration with field engineering team

Site Analytics

Project performance dashboard

Outcomes for managers
  • Get answers to your operational questions quickly
  • Track your assets in real time
  • Ease the communication with clients and technical advisors
  • Analyze asset behavior and identify anomalies
  • Anticipate needs
Available features

Integration of current project management software

Data arregation & clustering

Data correlation & statistical analysis

Anomaly detection & management

Alert & response plan

Key knowledge

Big-data investigation and action planning

Outcomes for decision makers
  • Gain full insight into local operations
  • Find out what’s really going on whenever you need to
  • Integrate all data in one single dashboard
  • Conduct performance and gap analysis
  • Allocate funds
Available features

All projects in one tool

Customized project dashboard


Automated reporting & alerting

Integrate data in 3rd party systems and apps

Not sure what your construction project needs to digitize quickly and easily?
We'll help you.

Mobile Apps to help you share important insights


for foremen

Detect defects, geolocate them, assign pending tasks and track the overall finishing process to deliver the project on time.

Work with real features


Visualize, analyze, and act upon instant information on staff, events, and incidents. Share information to foster collaboration between departments.


Shows a quick and easy overview but also a detailed view on KPIs for the relevant sub-systems. The KPI dashboard is connected with the system data lake.


Receive alert events, compare them to the business rules available and generates alerts in the user interface, email, SMS or slack.

Events management

Get a direct and quick report of pre-defined emergency events with a set of relevant data to manage the event and inform the site of a risky situation and the exact location.


Ingest any data source. Predict any data set behavior for the next 24h. Ingest further data sources and blend it to obtain better predictions.

Business Intelligence

Technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions.

Manage your projects from one place

OneMind lets you control all your construction operations through one solution.


Infrastructure Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Workforce safety

Project Management

Bim Tools

CCTV Monitoring, surveillance

Do you want to find out more about our intelligent IoT Solution Builder OneMind?

Why OneMind?


Thanks to our deep IoT and market knowledge, you will be enabled to rapidly deploy solutions and test ideas. Rely on our reusable core modules and application features – already in use in your industry.


Cut down on your project delivery times and get faster ROI by working more efficiently without compromising quality and safety


Improve the communication, coordination and collaboration not only with your team but also with your partners and clients through more organized workflows and timely reports

What is your operational challenge?


Sit down with our sales consultants to evaluate your current situation, identify challenges, and define desired outcomes.


We will support you in building your own application, customize or extend one of our existing applications or design a solution tailored to your needs.


We will give you recommendations on how to implement this application or solution and how to measure its operational benefits.

Let our consultants help you solve it.

Use Case

How to fast track finishing tasks for construction projects to avoid delays and penalties

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