Worldsensing participates in the AMEC Industry Forum 2030

Barcelona, July 2019

Ignasi Vilajosana part of round table on trends that will transform companies in the next decade

Barcelona, July 2019
The next decade 2020-2030 will bring rapid and significant changes in the fields of economy, society, environment, technology, and geopolitics. International companies need to be ready to adapt to these changes.

  • What are the key issues that organizations will need to manage in the coming years?
  • How can we implement new models of organization that ensure sustainability?
  • What is the expected impact of the technological revolution?
  • How will demographic changes impact companies?
  • What are the instruments that will help us adapt our business strategies?

These are some of the questions discussed during the AMEC Forum 2019, held on 03 July at the IESE Business School Barcelona campus. Different sessions analyzed global trends, future scenarios, and tools to adapt strategies and anticipate the challenges of a growing competitive environment worldwide.

Ignasi Vilajosana, Worldsensing CEO and co-founder, was invited to participate in the session focused on how companies can adapt to new scenarios. He shared his experience in managing the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider since its creation in 2008, and how he has led the evolution of the strategy over the years to accommodate the company’s changing needs while ensuring the maximum performance of business operations.

The Association of Internationalized Industrial Companies AMEC has been promoting internationalization and innovation in Spanish companies since 1969. One of their main objectives is to create a framework that encourages sustainable competitive growth in a global market. AMEC member companies generate an export volume of over 6,650 million euros and have an average exportation rate of 55.6% of their turnover.
Photos courtesy of AMEC
About Worldsensing
Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the Barcelona-based technology provider delivers Operational Intelligence to traditional industries and cities. With over 100 employees and offices in Barcelona, London, Los Angeles, and Singapore, Worldsensing is globally active and has already conducted projects in over 60 countries across all continents.
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About Worldsensing

Worldsensing is a global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the infrastructure monitoring expert serves customers in more than 70 countries, with a network of global partners to jointly drive safety in mining, construction, rail and structural health.

Worldsensing is headquartered in Barcelona and has a local presence in the UK, North and South America, Singapore, Australia and Poland. Investors include Cisco Systems, Mitsui & Co, McRock Capital, ETF, Kibo Ventures and JME Ventures.

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