Event: Worldsensing at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

Presenting operational intelligence solutions for cities, parking and highway operators

Barcelona, March 2018

Is your city suffering from traffic congestion? Are you unable to optimize parking spot occupancy? Are your operational costs going through the roof when managing road or highway incidents? At Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam, Worldsensing will feature the latest solutions for traffic, parking and incident management, taking booth visitors on a global tour of real-world projects at booth 11.200.

Traffic Management

Worldsensing will present Mobility, the end-to-end operational intelligence solution which helps cities and highway operators:

  • Measure traffic flows
  • Detect and monitor traffic anomalies in real time
  • Access CCTVs, dispatch agents, trigger rerouting schemes or speed limit updates through variable message signs (VMS)
  • Analyze traffic behavior by syncing recent against historical data

Worldsensing experts will be highlighting how Mobility can address traffic congestion. With a few clicks, visitors will be transported to Bogota, Colombia, a city of 8 million people, where an actual deployment of the Mobility solution has transformed how the city manages traffic congestion issues.

traffic management intertraffic

Real-time monitoring of traffic anomalies using the Mobility solution

Incident Management

Investing in the right technologies can help cites and highway operators reduce their operational costs by increasing efficiency, especially if they adopt smart solutions to upgrade their incident management operations. With the incident feature integrated in Mobility, operators can:

  • Detect and manage incidents in real time through the Mobility and incident reporting feature
  • Analyze past incidents to improve current operations
  • Anticipate future incidents based on historical data
  • Gather feedback and feed incident updates to a citizen or driver mobile app or other communication channels such as 911 and Social Media
  • Provide a better Customer Experience to citizens and drivers
  • Monitor critical assets in real time

Booth visitors will be able to learn about how the Mobility solution helped Cundinamarca manage all traffic and incidents from one single place while monitoring CO2 emissions. The mobility concept for the 28 km long corridor in Colombia includes an on-the-road support team called the Road Safety Promoter Group (GPS) in charge of traffic monitoring and incident reporting and supporting ambulances and traffic officers. Users of the transport corridor can benefit from the Worldensing mobility app allowing drivers to plan their journeys based on real-time traffic information. They can also request help or report accidents. For this project, SKG Technología, the Worldsensing partner in Cundinamarca, was awarded with a prize called Indigo2017 by the Colombian Ministry of Technology.

Parking Management

Worldsensing smart parking experts will demonstrate how Worldsensing’s parking management system and solutions can help cities, parking operators and malls recover parking revenues by

  • assessing and optimizing their slot occupancy while being able to also
  • predict rotation.

Supported by a parking detection technology of more than 95% detection accuracy, operators are enabled to

  • introduce dynamic pricing based on real-time demand
  • while also identifying and managing parking violations and fraud.

parking management worldsensing intertraffic

Parking occupancy and fraud monitoring in Mobility

Visitors will be able to experience the smart parking project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where 1,500 wireless parking sensors and 10 DMS (Dynamic Message Signs) are installed in strategic locations throughout the city. While using LoRa: a long-range, low-power wireless technology used by IoT networks worldwide, a cloud applications platform helps municipal authorities to better manage traffic around the Kingdom Tower which frequently encounters problems with traffic congestion. Worldsensing generally supports the main IoT network protocols such as Sigfox, LoRa and Narrow-band IoT.

Fastprk2 coming soon

While Worldsensing is able to offer its own outdoor parking solutions integrating 3rd party indoor parking sensors, the smart parking pioneer will present Fastprk2, the next-generation parking management system due to be launched in summer 2018. Fastprk2 will be among the most accurate and reliable systems in the market due to its unique dual sensing technology. An innovation project funded by EU, Fastprk2 will be equipped with intelligent transport services for cities, citizens and operators, all merged in a single software solution.

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About Intertraffic

With over 30,000 visitors, Intertraffic is the largest gathering of traffic and mobility professionals in the world. The traffic industry is undergoing major changes and developments are on a fast track. At Intertraffic, visitors can experience the latest solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and can discover the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking.

About Fastprk2

In 2016, Worldsensing was granted funding by the European Commission for Fastprk2, an initiative to develop the next-generation of parking detection systems equipped with Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) for cities and citizens, all merged in a single mobility platform. The sensors will combine both magnetic and infrared detection technologies and will pioneer the use of deep learning methodologies to increase data accuracy to almost 100%.

Check out the Fastprk2 website for more details about the project.

EU IntertrafficFastprk2 intertraffic

About Worldsensing

Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the Barcelona-based technology provider delivers Operational Intelligence to traditional industries and cities. With over 80 employees in Barcelona, London and Los Angeles, Worldsensing is globally active and has customers in over 50 countries across 5 continents.

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