News: Worldsensing certified by the National Agency for Telecommunications in Brazil (ANATEL)

Barcelona, May 2019

All telecommunication products must obtain Anatel certification before they can be used in Brazilian territory

Barcelona, May 2019
Worldsensing is now certified as telecommunications provider for the Brazilian market. The certification relates to national specifications for the testing and certification process and is mandatory for operating in Brazil.
Anatel is the National Telecommunication Agency and the regulatory authority of the telecommunications sector in Brazil. According to the Brazilian certification resolutions, the certification of telecommunications products must be the responsibility of bodies specially designated for this purpose. Telecommunication products are required to have this certification and homologation in order to be legally commercialized and used in the country.

Quality differentiation for risk management support

This certificate guarantees that the leading wireless monitoring system Loadsensing operates in the frequency band required by the Brazilian government and complies with the regulations on quality, performance and safety of the end users as well as systems interoperability.

One of the certifications issued by Anatel for Loadsensing 

“We pride ourselves on providing technology solutions to transform operations of mining and construction companies. This certification recognizes our work for complying with the high-level requirements of the Monitoring industry in Brazil,” says Ignasi Vilajosana, Worldsensing CEO and cofounder. “We are convinced that our IoT based technology can make a difference in the day-to-day activities of mines and infrastructure operators, especially when it comes to risk management. We are very pleased, as we can now support all the efforts being made with this respect in Brazil. ”

Commitment to the monitoring industry on local, regional and national scale

With the aim of expanding access to IoT (Internet of Things) based data and technology, while making sure that the market needs are fully understood, Worldsensing has several partnerships with the main geotechnical design and monitoring companies for mining and construction in the region.
The company previously was granted the ISO 27001:2013 certification and also holds the ISO 9001:2015.
About Loadsensing
Loadsensing is the leading wireless monitoring system allowing industrial companies to connect and wirelessly monitor infrastructures in remote locations. The data acquisition system is rapidly becoming the new standard for wireless geotechnical monitoring as it’s currently used to monitor over 30.000 sensors worldwide. Loadsensing data nodes are compatible with most geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring sensors.
About Worldsensing
Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the Barcelona-based technology provider delivers Operational Intelligence to traditional industries and cities. With over 90 employees and offices in Barcelona, London and Los Angeles, Worldsensing is globally active and has already conducted projects in over 60 countries across 6 continents.
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Maite Garcia

About Worldsensing

Worldsensing is a global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the industrial monitoring expert works with over 270 engineering partners in more than 60 countries to deploy critical infrastructure monitoring solutions in mining, construction, rail and structural health.

Worldsensing has more than 80 employees and offices in Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and Singapore and investors include Cisco Systems, Mitsui & Co, McRock Capital and ETF Partners, among others.

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Jennifer Harth


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