Event: Worldsensing wraps up a full week at Cisco Live!

Barcelona, February 2018

Worldsensing successfully concluded Cisco Live with live demos, a web broadcast and several insightful talks.

Cisco Live, held in Barcelona, is Cisco’s premier education and training event for IT professionals, with over 10,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors, mostly from the Cisco partners ecosystem.

Worldsensing showcased smart city solutions for traffic, incidents and parking management in the World of Solutions at the Cisco Investments Pavillion, together with eleven other companies from the Cisco investments portfolio who were invited to the event. Among the key success stories highlighted was the Riyadh Fastprk deployment which was done in collaboration with Cisco.

Worldsensing CEO and cofounder, Ignasi Vilajosana, joined Cisco’s Chief Strategy Officer, Hilton Romanski, and Cisco Investments Senior Director of Portfolio Development, Hitesh Saijpal, for the Opening Keynote Post Show to discuss how Cisco Investments focuses on finding disruptive, cutting-edge technology companies that are going to define the future and how this gives Cisco and their partners and customers an opportunity to keep pace with change.

We deliver sensors, networks and analytics to help our clients manage their operations in a more efficient way through actionable insights. It is not only about capturing the data, but also making this data usable for the client. That is what we are good at.” said Ignasi during the web broadcast that was viewed by thousands of people online.

Worldsensing thought leaders, Ignasi Vilajosana and Francesc Domingo, also shared some smart city ideas at the Cisco Investments Pavillion Theatre. In response to several requests from Worldsensing social media followers for more information about the different discussions, below are some key excerpts.

Ignasi Vilajosana, on why IoT platforms need operational intelligence:

“We have reached the point where leading IoT platforms show similar generic features with few differential flavours. The market is on its way to finding a reference architecture for IoT platforms.

However, industrial value chains are adopting digital solutions slower than expected. Industry service maps are very specific which makes solutions difficult to scale. While generic IoT platforms capture, manage and process information from almost any kind of connected object, clients need to get value out of the data and make it usable to improve their operations.

Operational Intelligence solutions offer real-time, dynamic business analytics which deliver visibility and insights into business operations. They are industry specific and make use of data, analytics and actions to deliver operational value. And, they fill the gap between data centric platforms and organizational and operational challenges to yield real business outcomes.

The market needs both IoT platforms & OI solutions to truly deliver value in a broader scale.”

Francesc Domingo, Worldsensing Director of Strategic Business Development, on how smart technologies can make cities safer:

Cities have become mega data hubs. Also technology is growing fast, either because cities are being digitized or because millions of trackable devices inhabit those urban centers. Each digitized asset can be converted to unique identification signals (UID).

What if cities could obtain a list of located devices during security events? What if cities could detect the position of devices of interest?

Worldsensing offers a big data application which aims to provide police and intelligence agencies with a system capable of analyzing devices of interest by making available anonymous device data and creating real-time alerts. Given the multiple, simultaneous incidents happening in a city, the solution gives guidance to security agencies on how to allocate resources and to focus on more relevant incidents that could escalate in the future.

Take for instance two separate incidents that happen on the same metro line, but on different days. Worldsensing´s solution can check the similarities between the two incidents and narrow down to specific devices of interest. These devices can be checked  against a blacklist in order to see if these are previously identified offenders. In the future, if the system detects several devices of interest converging in a certain location, the police can receive an alarm in order for them to deploy the required number of agents to monitor the area.

About Worldsensing

Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the Barcelona-based technology provider delivers Operational Intelligence to traditional industries and cities. With over 80 employees and offices in Barcelona, London and Los Angeles, Worldsensing is globally active and has already conducted projects in over 50 countries across 5 continents.

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