March 2019

Albert Zaragoza, new CTO at Worldsensing

March 2019

Smart Parking project officially completed

March 2019

Our Women in IoT: Who they are and what drives them.

Barcelona, December 2018

Worldsensing’s leading wireless monitoring system Loadsensing was among the 2018 Tunnelling Awards finalists with the Grand Paris Metro Project

October 2017

SKG, a Worldsensing partner, awarded with the 2018 Innovation award for mobility projects in Colombia.

October 2017

SKG, a Worldsensing partner, awarded with Indigo2017 by the Colombian Ministry of Technology.

Barcelona, August 2017

Worldsensing and technology giant Cisco are helping Katara Village optimize mobility in and around the cultural town.

Barcelona, July 2017

Worldsensing lands financing round from McRock Capital, ETF Partners and Cisco Investments

Barcelona, June 2017

Worldsensing is the only European vendor among IDC Innovators

June 2016

Ignasi Vilajosana on having been awarded the prize of "Best Young Entrepreneur of 2015" by AIJEC


April 2014

Tech article: Today’s Data Craze: Big Data, Open Data & Privacy



February 2014

Tech article: The waving trends on Big Data, specialisation or generalisation?






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